Supergirl Episode 5 Recap and a Preview for Next Week

Just a regular day in National City. Supergirl flies around in the skies only to find a suspicious-looking drone which she promptly chases after and destroys. She takes the pieces back to the DEO and confronts them about spying on her, but it wasn’t one of their devices. Kara heads back to work to find out that Cat has won the Siegel Prize for Women in Media (named for Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel). Cat, however, can’t attend the ceremony because her mother won’t come watch her son Carter. Kara volunteers for the job and after thinking she’s only doing it so Cat will owe her, Cat tells her about the shy and reserved boy.

At Noonan’s, Lucy and Jimmy talk about their relationship until he finally pulls it out of her, she wants to get back together with him. She leaves, as Kara conveniently enters the restaurant, giving Jimmy the opportunity to tell her about their relationship and why it fell apart. Just as things get interesting, a rumbling is felt and Kara spots a bomb having gone off a few blocks away. She flies to the scene and holds the building up, fusing the crumbling pillars with her heat vision, and saving countless lives. As she puts the fire out, another drone flies by and watches. Henshaw express how impressed he is with Kara’s strength back at the DEO, but she’s too busy wondering why the place was being bombed to begin with. Alex comes back with results from the drone and the bomb pointing to one person, Maxwell Lord. Kara and Alex talk about her chat with Jimmy, prompting Alex to tell her not get caught in the friend zone. Cat calls Kara to make sure she picked up Carter all right, but she totally forgot. She flies to Carter’s school and picks him up, not literally, and manages to get him to talk too.

At Lord Industries, Alex and Henshaw talk to Max about the bomb where he reveals that the location that was attacked was a subsidiary of his company, narrowing down their suspect pool. Alex continues questioning him, prompting Lord to notice that she’s a very observant and intelligent person. Back at Catco, Kara figures out that Carter is infatuated with Supergirl, and that Jimmy is overwhelmed with work in Cat’s absence. He tries to bring up personal talk but Kara shuts him down, following Alex’s advice. Back at Lord Industries, Alex asks Max about his new super train system, allowing him to ask why she works for the government when she’s so gifted. Alex counters by asking why he hates the government so much. As the conversation gets interesting, Max gets a call from downstairs, there’s another bomb.

Alex and Lord run to the lab and try to disarm the bomb to no avail, and while Kara considers Carter’s wish to meet Supergirl, she gets a call about the new bomb. She puts Winn in charge of Carter, making fun of the toys on his desk and giving us our first real shout out that Winn is destined to become the villain “Toyman.” Kara arrives at the lab and takes off with it, flying high into the air before throwing it upward and falling into the ocean. She wakes up at the DEO and sees Henshaw staring at her, his eyes growing that nasty red, but falls back asleep. Later she wakes up more well-rested just as Alex has found a suspect for the bombings, Ethan Knox, a former employee of Lord’s who was reported missing two weeks ago. Kara is prepared to go after him, but Alex warns of her being spread too thin, reminding Kara she is supposed to be watching Carter.

Carter and Winn play video games in Cat’s office as Kara returns and promptly leaves. While picking up food, Kara runs into Lucy who asks if Jimmy is seeing anyone and plunges into full on awkward and inappropriate territory by explaining the circumstances of her and Jimmy’s break up. She sums it up by saying she’s worried that Jimmy will fall in love with Supergirl, cuing laughter from Kara. Alex confronts Maxwell Lord about Ethan Knox, and that he’ll no doubt target the train launch event, but he’s not worried. This leads to his telling the story of how his parents died, due to faulty government regulations. Back at CatCo, Kara apologizes to Jimmy for shutting down his personal talk and tells him about what Lucy said about him, and despite her insisting he should maybe give it another go, Jimmy shakes it off.

DEO Agents are present at the train launch event and Kara is en route to the event herself. Lucy goes to see Jimmy at CatCo to tell him she’s leaving town and just wants what is best for him, which of course leads to a kiss. Winn looks for Carter at CatCo but can’t seem to find him, as he’s gone down to the train launch on the off chance he’ll run into Supergirl there. As she arrives at the location, a call comes in about a bomb at the airport, which sends everyone, Kara, The DEO, and Jimmy, scrambling for the “real threat.” Carter tries to get on the train with no success, but Lord escorts him on to “find his parents.” Winn tries himself to get on but is unsuccessful, he does however notice the bomber standing on the train. He then calls Kara to let her know, and she circles back to the train station. Kara lands on the moving train and hops down through a hatch, right in front of Lord and Carter. Lord can’t stop the train since it’s automated, so Kara recruits Carter to help her be a hero, which he naturally accepts.

Alex, Henshaw and Jimmy all arrive at the same time to the airport, Jimmy finds Lucy amongst the crowd and they embrace. Henshaw and Alex find the bomb but can’t seem to get it open to disarm it, Henshaw orders Alex to run, feigning a heroic end. His eyes glow red and he rips it open and grabs the explosives with his bare hands. Back on the train, Knox secures himself in the front of the train while Kara opens the door to try and talk him down. She plays the “think of your daughter” card, to which Knox replies that no one was supposed to know it was him. He presses the button on his bomb vest anyway, giving Kara 30 seconds to stop the train. Thinking quick, she separates the front car from the rest of the train via her heat vision and then stops the whole train. The front car rides out into the conveniently placed no-man’s land outside National City before exploding.

At the DEO, Alex inspects the bomb, perplexed why Henshaw would say it was a dud when it had a kill switch. Kara is also perplexed, wondering why Knox would kill himself when his daughter was so sick especially since people will do anything for her kids. Remember Carter? Kara didn’t. The next day Cat hugs Carter, who can only talk about how great Supergirl is. As he leaves for school, he asks for Kara to watch him again sometime, which Cat throws out the window as soon as he leaves. Kara apologizes of course and is dismayed at how Cat is capable of doing so much with her life, you adapt she says. As she leaves Cat’s office, two things strike Kara’s attention; 1. Jimmy and Lucy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G and 2. Maxwell Lord discussing the bombing on TV and saying the words he designs a fail safe for every situation. Thinking on her feet, she asks Winn to hack into some hospital records and confronts Lord that night about all of the bombings, which he’s clearly orchestrated. She knows it was a ruse, but to what end though? Without full on confessing, Lord says maybe someone would so this to find out more about Supergirl, to find out what makes her tick. He also has the key, find the person she was trying to save on that train and he’ll find out who she is.

You can watch a promo for the next episode of Supergirl, titled “Red Faced” and airing on November 30, in the player below.