Secret Invasion Episode 5

Secret Invasion Episode 5: The Biggest Takeaways Ahead of Next Week’s Finale

Now that Secret Invasion Episode 5 is out and available for viewing, we’re close to the conclusion of the latest Marvel Studios series. Let’s look at five of the biggest takeaways from the Disney+ show’s penultimate episode.

Rhodey is All-Out Skrull

Now that audiences are fully aware of Rhodey’s Skrull nature, the series is going all-in on portraying him as an antagonist. Between outwardly manipulating the President of the United States on behalf of Gravik and releasing the footage of a disguised Gravik killing Maria Hill to frame Nick Fury, Rhodey/Raava has become an even bigger thorn in Nick Fury‘s side.

With next week being the finale, I look forward to seeing how Raava is handled and how the real Rhodey is rescued. Plus, learning exactly when Rhodey was replaced and getting his take on the entire invasion will certainly be interesting.

G’iah and Priscilla Make a Solid Team

Though we saw the clip yesterday, it was still impressive to see Emilia Clarke and Priscilla take on so many gunmen while covering each others’ backs. Seeing them battle Gravik’s assassins was a standout action scene for the series, as they were just mowing down the enemy Skrulls with a variety of firearms. With skills like that, it’s no wonder Priscilla can handle being married to someone as dangerous as Nick Fury.

Sonya Falsworth Continues to Shine

The greatest character to come from Secret Invasion thus far has to be Olivia Colman’s Sonya Falsworth. The perfect mix of wonderful camp and badass confidence, Falsworth is absolutely a character that you fully believe could go toe-to-toe with Nick Fury.

This was an excellent episode for Falsworth, who got to show just how good she is at her job by revealing her boss’ identity as a Skrull in a very bombastic way, then proceeding to take down the Skrull scientists who are giving the aliens super powers — all while tossing out delightful quips and jabs. I sincerely hope Falsworth pops up in the MCU going forward — especially because I’d love to see her and Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Valentina Allegra de Fontaine clash with one another.

Gravik Has Lost the Plot

Any form of sympathy that Gravik could have had was essentially obliterated in Secret Invasion Episode 5, as the radical Skrull leader brutally murdered the followers that spoke out against his (increasingly) bad ideas and choices. It’s a shame that the character isn’t as layered as he could be, but it will at least be fun to see Fury, G’iah, and all the other good guys take him down next week — especially as they’ll have to contend with his numerous super powers.

Photo by Des Willie. © 2023 MARVEL.

Fury is Finally Back

The end of Secret Invasion Episode 5 finally showed Nick Fury “suit up,” in a manner of speaking. After episode upon episode of him being off his game (as many characters repeatedly told him, for some reason), it seems like he’s finally ready to kick ass and take names again.

It was good to see Fury don his iconic trench coat and eyepatch again, with a sharp beanie to boot. I’m also very fond of the goofy super-spy idea of Fury having numerous gravestones that have different caches of supplies for him around the world. This last episode of Secret Invasion seems like it’ll feature quite a lot of action, as there are plenty of threads to wrap up in the conclusive finale.