Agents of SHIELD Episode 3.06 Recap and Preview for Next Week

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Episode 3.06 recap and preview for next week

Andrew is wheeled into SHIELD HQ. May waits with baited breath to find out if he is alive. Andrew owes his life to Coulson, who had a protection detail on him. The agent managed to distract the killers long enough so that Andrew could get to the door. He was blown clear by the blast, and Alexander escaped. May, though relieved he is alive, blames Hunter for angering Ward enough to send a lackey after them. Coulson breaks up the physical altercation, but agrees Hunter screwed up and takes him off the Ward case. May announces she is back and she is assigned to finding Ward. Next May goes to Bobbi, blaming her for not being able to fight her own fight. The two battle, but May was just baiting Bobbi to see if she was ready to go into the field. She is ready.

Seeing that one of the Hydra accounts is active, Bobbi and May follow the money to an account in the Cayman Islands. Posing as a wealthy socialite and her translator, May and Bobbi talk their way into the safe deposit box room. Bobbi plants a bomb that blows off all the locks and they go for the box linked to Hydra, which contains all sorts of documents and IDs for Von Strucker. Alarms go off and the girls are locked in the vault. Bobbi tries to talk their way out when security arrives, but it doesn’t work, so they fight their way out. May thinks Bobbi is gun shy; she is right.

Tracing the fake IDs, SHIELD figures out that Von Strucker has gone to Lisbon, so that is where they go. They find him at the mercy of Kebo, who has him strung up and is beating the hell out of him. Again, May and Bobbi go to work fighting Kebo and his thugs. Bobbi electrocutes Kebo in the pool, and May manages to get some info from Von Strucker before he dies. “I tried to kill him… I didn’t know he changed into that thing.” In flashbacks, we see what actually happened in that convenience store. Andrew is Lash. He transformed, killed the goons while Von Strucker escaped, then lit the store on fire to cover his tracks. May is horrified.

We only learn about Andrew at the very end of the episode, and no one else knows (May is not sure she wants to believe it). So Daisy and Mac are still trying to figure out who Lash is. Daisy has a theory that Lash is actually inside the ATCU, and might be hiding out as one of them. Their first suspect is Banks, so she and Mac go stake him out. Hunter, who is fidgety and needs an assignment, comes along to drive. The three of them debate the best way to search Banks’ car while he is making a phone call. They can’t come up with a good idea, so Hunter jumps out of the van with a handkerchief around his face, and shoots Banks with an icer. He delivers Banks to the van and suggests they just test his blood for Inhuman markers. Daisy points out they don’t have any blood-gathering equipment in the van, so Hunter punches him in the nose. “There. Blood.” The blood is sent to Simmons to analyze, and they leave Banks in his car while they go investigate a text that Banks gets, sending them to some place called Endotech.

Endotech looks like a normal laboratory complex on the outside, but it is outfitted with some hardcore spy tech. Luckily Daisy stole a little video drone from Fitz, outfitted with a cloaking device, and sends it in. Inside, they see some worker bees unpacking a large, lucite box, filled with liquid. Inside is what could only be an Inhuman. ATCU is keeping Inhumans stacked in boxes in storage. Daisy is horrified, but more horrified when they see Rosalind and Coulson there. This is the ATCU, and Coulson doesn’t look nearly horrified enough in Daisy’s opinion.

Coulson has spent the whole day with Rosalind, going with her to answer a break-in on her apartment before she takes him on a promised tour of ATCU. It looks like the producers are going to build up a romance between the two. For right now, though, it is just two spies trying to work together. Rosalind explains that they are keeping Inhumans in a kind of stasis. They are alive and healthy, like putting someone in a medically-induced coma. She admits she didn’t want to show him, and Coulson does believe it looks like a horror movie. Years ago, before the Inhuman invasion, Rosalind was married. Her husband died of cancer, and she would have done anything to put him in stasis in order to find a cure for him. So that is why she is doing this: she is hoping to cure these Inhumans so they can return to their families. She believes they are close to a cure, and Coulson understands – he even finds her human. 

In tonight’s episode, we also meet (or re-meet) Gideon Malick. He was a higher-up at Hydra, friends with Von Strucker’s dad and more of a father to him than his real dad ever was. Von Strucker is afraid of Ward, and Malick promises to take care of it. He calls Ward, who knows him by reputation, and warns him that he made some mistakes. Von Strucker shouldn’t even be on board yet; now he is a liability. It is Malick that leads Kebo to Von Strucker.

Check out a preview for next week’s episode, titled “Chaos Theory,” in the player below.