Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Episode 3 recap

Lincoln is being pursued ruthlessly by the ATCU. He escapes behind a waterfall of electrical sparks, but it doesn’t last long. Daisy calls and begs him to let them get him. He hangs up, and shorts the tracker that he is just now realizing Mac put in his arm. The ATCU is not having any luck, so they plaster Lincoln’s photo on the news, and put out a BOLO to every law enforcement agency in the country. Daisy is in a panic, and Coulson doesn’t like where this is going. Lincoln will feel trapped and do something stupid.

While on a bus, Lincoln sees the news report. He quietly zaps the bus, powering it down, then moves towards the exit. A soldier recognizes and stops him, so Lincoln electrifies the bus and leaves. He calls a friend, John, to come pick him up. John is super-supportive, promises he will help him in any way he can, and doesn’t push for details. I think John is his AA sponsor. Anyway, back at John’s apartment, Lincoln is starting to relax… just a tiny bit. John goes to make him some food and turns on the TV. He sees the news and surreptitiously reports Lincoln to the authorities. John’s demeanor changes: he is nervous, twitchy, and doesn’t get too close to Lincoln. Lincoln figures out what is going on and tries to calm John. This just aggravates him, and he grabs a metal bat to protect himself. Lincoln tries to leave; John won’t let him; Lincoln zaps the bat out of his hands; John drops dead. I am guessing John had a pacemaker. Desperate, Lincoln calls Daisy for help.

Coulson meets with Rosalind to convince her to let SHIELD bring in Lincoln. She is under a lot of pressure and can’t let him do that. She then threatens to expose Daisy as an Inhuman, which Coulson can’t let happen.

Daisy has arrived to help Lincoln and meets with him while Mac runs interference with ATCU. He has agreed to go to SHIELD with her, but isn’t promising to join. The two share a passionate kiss, interrupted by Mac. He looks sheepish – he is leading in ATCU, at Coulson’s order. Daisy is shocked and Lincoln is furious. He uses his powers to blast back the ATCU agents and flees. Without Lincoln, Rosalind gives the go-ahead for her agents to bring in Daisy. Mac takes exception to this, and at his meet with Rosalind, Coulson says he will give her something better. ATCU gets the order to stand down.

Back at HQ, Daisy is pissed that they lost Lincoln and that she was nearly taken. Coulson admits he gave himself, his knowledge and expertise, to Rosalind. He is tired of fighting with the wrong people and would rather team up to fight the greater evil.

Hunter and May continue their search for Ward. They meet up with Spud, a British contact Hunter has, who has connections to the underworld. In order to get a meet with some crime lord, Hunter will have to win a bareknuckled brawl. He agrees, but is a little put-off when it turns out his opponent is Spud. The fight is brutal, and both men are bloodied and broken. Hunter seems to be losing, until he puts on a hidden set of brass knuckles. He pummels Spud, ending the fight – and likely, Spud’s life. Hunter wins, and he is taken in to meet with the boss’s second-in-command – with a Hydra symbol painted on the wall.

Also: Simmons is having a hard time adjusting to life back on Earth. It is not just PTSD; she is sensitive to noise and light and the gravity here is lighter than on the planet she was on. Fitz dotes on her, and even takes her to a fancy restaurant for dinner. He rented out the entire place so there were no “distractions.” When Simmons begins to cry, he is a shoulder for her. Later that night, Bobbi is on her way to bed after her workout, and she sees Simmons in the lab, fiddling with the remnants of the monolith. She encourages Simmons to leave it alone, but Simmons is desperate, almost manic – “I have to go back!”

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