Arrow Episode 3.06 Recap, Plus Promo for Episode 3.07

Roy is distracted while Team Arrow is out on the job, and it’s clearly annoying Oliver. The team take their positions as they’ve tracked members of the Culebra Cartel to a Starling City warehouse where they happen to be holding a ton of heroine, but once they get inside it’s not a pretty sight. The entire group has been killed, some of them strung up and suspended from the ceiling like livestock, and a lone word has been written in blood on the floor – “Guilty.” At the Arrow Cave, the team learns that the Culebras had a feud with Los Halcones and they’re going to find out what happened to them. Roy wants in on the chase but Oliver senses he’s not focused and benches him.

We flashback to Hong Kong as Oliver and Maseo are waiting on China White’s courier. Oliver spots him and gives chase, but the courier knew he was being tailed and kicks Oliver square in the jaw before bolting in the other direction. The chase continues but ends abruptly when the courier gets hit by a car. Maseo searches him for the parcel he was carrying but it’s nowhere to be found.

Back in Starling, Laurel trains with Ted in the gym and he compliments her on the progress she’s making, but then catches her off guard and sends her to the mat. Laurel is of course mad at Ted for what he did, but he says he’s teaching her a lesson – always be ready and you have to get back up. She asks for him to try again.

With Roy on the sideline, he hangs out in the Arrow Cave with Felicity and asks her to run a blood test on him, which is awfully suspect to her. She asks what’s wrong but Roy won’t admit to anything. On the other side of town, Oliver interrogates some gang members to find the name of the Culebras member missing from the slaughter house. He gets a name and Felicity tracks him to a spot in The Glades. Oliver finds his body, also strung up with “Guilty” written under him, and we realize he’s inside Ted’s gym, along with Ted and Laurel.

Felicity’s tests on Roy come back clean, and she presses him even further on his deal. Roy eventually breaks down and tells her about his dreams and that he thinks he might have killed Sara. Back at the Wildcat gym Laurel vouches for Ted to her father, who isn’t sure exactly why she’s hanging around him anyway. Laurel goes outside to talk to Oliver about the situation where she has to defend Ted again. She explains why someone might do this to Ted since he attracts a certain kind of person. The pair bicker about Ted training Laurel after Oliver said he wouldn’t train her, which is really none of Oliver’s business anyway.

Back in Hong Kong, Oliver tries to remember where the courier stashed his package and is coaxed into playing a memory game with Maseo and Tatsu’s son. Maseo pleads with Tastu to help Oliver remember what happened as he’s so close to paying off his debt to Amanda Waller, which will probably not turn out that well down the road anyway. Tatsu agrees and goes to help Oliver.

As Team Arrow discusses Ted Grant, whom Diggle knows of from watching his boxing career on television, they learn that the victims from the warehouse and the gym were beaten to death by brass knuckles from a left-handed assailant, which matches both an unsolved murder and Grant’s fighting style. They track Ted down and Oliver enters his storage locker, followed in by the man himself. The two throw some haymakers at one another, and Oliver gets the glorious moment of using a boxing glove arrow (!!!) in the show for the first time. Ted reveals to Oliver that he’s being set up, and confesses to being a vigilante six years ago, though no one cared since he only operated in The Glades. The person setting him up though is leaving him a trail, which they’re about to follow.

Laurel hands over info on the dead man to Oliver, who is still angry with her about training with Ted and about not revealing her real motivations to him. Though it doesn’t seem like much is going on with the man on the surface, they realize that he used to perform at a nightclub in Starling, where the unsolved murder from six years ago took place, which Oliver is still convinced Ted committed. Oliver and Ted head to the location, with Diggle as well but Roy stays behind with Felicity who presents some potentially bad news about Sara’s death. Inside, Ted and Oliver are confronted by the person killing the others, who clearly knows Ted, and fires a number of bullets in their general direction. As Oliver circles around to get the drop on him, the police enter and arrest Ted, they found the body dangling in his storage locker.

At Verdant, Laurel confronts Oliver for having Ted arrested, and at the worst possible moment, Roy decides to tell them he thinks he killed Sara. Felicity tries to explain that the Mirakuru does wacky things to people’s heads but it doesn’t phase Laurel. Any physical evidence pointing to Roy is deemed inconclusive, which only hurts Laurel even more. Oliver pulls her aside and tells her they’ll handle it but they need to focus on Ted at the moment. Before they leave though, Felicity tells Oliver that the wounds on Sara’s body could prove to be incriminating against Roy.

Flashing back to Hong Kong, Tatsu talks Oliver through a guided meditation, giving him some breathing exercises and choice words to flex his memory. Oliver eventually arrives at the moment and spot in the back of his mind where the courier stashed his package. Captain Lance interrogates Ted in the present day until Laurel shows up, asking to speak with him. Laurel presses Ted on what’s going on and he cops to being a vigilante, and that he even had a partner, but his partner went bad and he kicked him out of Starling. Sounds like another pair of heroes I know. As Oliver waits for a call from Sara, Diggle offers to go find Roy and bring him back. Ollie isn’t sure about this idea though, saying if he really did kill Sara they might have to let him go.

Laurel has the charges dropped against Ted and as they’re leaving they’re confronted by Ted’s protege, Isaac. Isaac points a gun at them and says he’s going to kill Ted. He coerces the two into Laurel’s car and has them drive out of the city. In a very sneaky move, Laurel calls Felicity so she can track them, all the while Isaac and Ted continue their old feud about vigilantism and how they ended their working relationship. Diggle tries to cut them off in the van but Isaac yells at Laurel to keep going. Oliver gives chase on his motorcycle but Isaac starts taking shots at him and even grabs the steering wheel from Laurel, knocking Oliver off his bike.

As Oliver hops in the van with Diggle to continue the chase, Roy appears on his motorcycle in hot pursuit. Isaac opens the car door and hangs out to get a clear shot at Roy and Laurel, thinking on her feet, swerves the car around to send him to the curb, which she does. Laurel crashes her car into a few others. Diggle and Oliver jump in to help her and Ted out of the vehicle as Roy throws down with Isaac. Isaac gets the drop on him and starts filling his head with ideas about Oliver tossing him away once he’s done with him, which seems to only make Roy madder. He throws Isaac down, knocking him out, just as Oliver approaches. Roy looks at Ollie and tells him not to abandon him, which Oliver says he won’t.

Later, Ted mops up the blood on the floor of his gym and Oliver pays him a visit in costume. He asks Ted to stay away from Laurel, which Ted says he’ll do if she stops coming to him. Ted also offers some unsolicited advice to Oliver to knock it off with the vigilante stuff, it’ll ruin him and his partner. Oliver counters that it’s not the vigilante work that ruined Ted and Isaac it’s that he didn’t believe in him. Over at the hospital, Oliver goes to see Laurel and confesses he didn’t want to train her because he wanted to protect her and he still cares for her, which clearly isn’t going to stop her from training.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Roy thinks he’s about to get kicked off the team but Oliver infers that he’s not going anywhere and in fact brands him with the “Arsenal” nickname. Roy tells Oliver he plans on turning himself in so it doesn’t matter, but Ollie has other things in mind. Oliver tells Roy his mind is trying to tell him something so he uses the same trick Tatsu used on him back in Hong Kong, which opens up Roy’s mind and forces him to remember the cop that he killed back in season 2. Roy learns that though he may not have taken Sara’s life, he did take someone’s, which is going to weigh heavy on his conscience.

In our final flashback of the night, Oliver and Maseo go looking for the package and find it exactly where Oliver remembered. Inside is a photo of a mountain range and field, which has a hidden message inside to “Contact Li Kuan Hui,” which is their ticket to China White. Tatsu however is ready for Oliver to leave, still. As the episode closes, Laurel goes to talk to Ted and confesses further to him why she’s pursuing this training. She wants Ted to give her the tools to avenge her sister’s death, which he agrees to. Back at the Starling City PD, Isaac is being transferred when all of a sudden his two escort cops are taken down by arrows. Down the alley the archer is revealed as none other than Cupid, who may or may not be up to shenanigans.

You can check out the promo for episode 3.07 of  “Arrow” in the player below. Titled “Draw Back Your Bow,” the episode is officially described as follows:

“Oliver must stop an Arrow-obsessed serial killer, Carrie Cutter (guest star Amy Gumenick), who is convinced that The Arrow is her one true love and will stop at nothing to get his attention. Unfortunately, her way of getting his attention is to kill people. Meanwhile, Ray asks Felicity to be his date for a work dinner with important clients. Thea auditions new DJs for Verdant and meets Chase, a brash DJ with whom she immediately clashes.”

Directed by Rob Hardy and written by Wendy Mericle & Beth Schwartz, “Draw Back Your Bow” is set to air November 19th. “Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8 P.M. on The CW.