Critics vs. Transformers vs. Audiences on This Week’s Most Craved

Did Transformers: Age of Extinction suck or rule? The critics say one thing, the box office numbers say another, but is there any relation between the two? Lots of movies that people hate nowadays made tons of money when they originally came out, after all. This week, Most Craved takes a hard look at this strange phenomenon and the ongoing question of whether film critics are hopelessly out of touch or whether audiences are simply looking to them for all the wrong reasons.

Plus, all this talk about giant robots gets us talking about the recently announced Pacific Rim sequel. There’s a movie that didn’t make much money domestically when it came out but developed a cult following in just a single year. Does Guillermo del Toro’s film deserve a sequel? Was the original really that good in the first place?

And how should you spend your 4th of July weekend, anyway? Most Craved has some helpful entertainment suggestions.

The hosts this week include CraveOnline‘s William Bibbiani,‘s Ryan Turek and Geek Nation‘s Jenna Busch.