9 Superhero Movies That Should Be Remade

If you read my revisit of 2003’s Daredevil, or you’ve seen the movie yourself, you know that it’s quite bad and that makes me very upset. Daredevil is one of my favorite superheroes who has just as rich of a history and rogue gallery as any character. The character is even interesting when he’s just Matt Murdock.
The problem with the first Daredevil movie is that it tried to do too much. It fell prey to the “too many villains” syndrome that plagues so many superhero movies. By using two villains, and positioning Elektra as one for a brief period, there’s hardly any focus on Matt as a character and his heroics as Daredevil. I even wrote in my assessment of the original film that there are three movies worth of content in Daredevil. Those three stories would be his interaction with Elektra, Bullseye, and The Kingpin. Throw some Stiltman, The Owl, and The Hand in and I’m already foaming at the mouth reading this. Another problem that befell the first Daredevil movie was its somewhat poor special effects, a recurring trend on this list. With effects capabilities at an all time high, there’s no reason that Daredevil’s “radar vision” and building swinging wouldn’t work and be believable.
Likelihood of happening: Marvel has the rights to the character back, but they’ve made no formal announcements about any plans for a film or TV series at this time.