9 Superhero Movies That Should Be Remade

“Remake” is a bad word in many circles. Plenty of fans are open to the idea of a new version of characters, stories, and ideas in film and television, but some will throw a fit as though they’ve been unfairly grounded at the mention of the word. That in mind, this entire article is about remaking things because there are plenty of films that didn’t work the first time around and feature characters that deserve a second go at bat. If the word remake makes you sick to your stomach, in which case I apologize for having used it three times already, you’ll likely be hospitalized by the end of this.
At the time of its release, the special effects in Spawn were looked at with awe. But now? They are Syfy original movie laughable. The film clearly doesn’t hold up, nor does it do justice to the character’s full potential, and for that alone it needs the reboot treatment. Take a look at the rest of the comic book movies we’re getting now. Mostly superheroes yes, but mostly family friendly-versions of these superheroes. Kick-Ass was the latest film to tackle the R-rated superhero and, if done well, Spawn could kick off an era of adult-geared hero films.
Another reason they should try and bring Spawn back? The subject matter. Spawn is about a man that is a soldier for hell. This story might not sound appealing to a lot of people, and that’s why we need another movie. When was the last time there was a huge public outcry over a major film like there has been in the past? Even though I’m not a huge Spawn fan, I’d love to see Senators going on television talking about how terrible the movie is because of its subject matter.
Likelihood of happening: Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has spoken about a reboot many times previously. He’s said there are several offers on his table for the character from a big-budget film where he would have no involvement to a smaller scale movie where he could retain creative control. McFarlane has also said an “Oscar winning actor” is very interested in playing Al Simmons, and though he has never named the actor, many believe it to be Jamie Foxx. In short, it might happen.