Spidey Turns 50: 11 Villains Who Could Be in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Leading up to the release of this year’s The Amazing Spider-Man, there was a lot of talk from director Marc Webb about future installments and who the leading villain would be in the next film. He was often quoted as saying there were several hints throughout the film as to who the bad guy could be in the sequel but never directly said which one. We’re pretty big Spider-Man fans here at SuperHeroHype and after four different films where we’ve seen five (some might argue six) villains, it’s time to mix things up. Below you will find our list of villains that we could see in The Amazing Spider-Man sequel:

If you’re not counting the infamous burglar that shot and killed Uncle Ben, this is the first major villain that Spider-Man ever fought. That being said, it only makes sense for his first foe to appear on film. Originally the character was a servant and half-brother to Kraven and developed an uncanny ability in his youth to impersonate friends, family, and neighbors. He posed as Spider-Man and committed many crimes before being stopped. His espionage tactics and trickery make him more of an intellectual adversary for Spider-Man
How could he work in the movie?
There are any number of ways Sony Pictures can do this. They can tie it all back to the story of Peter’s parents, which was almost cut out entirely from the first film, and have the Chameleon going after Oscorp secrets from way back when. It could get even bigger than that and be a spy story wherein a KGB Chameleon is taking on the identity of key government officials and causing havoc in America. Maybe even do the whole putting on a Spider-Man costume so people think Spider-Man is bad.
Who should play him? 
This was hard to pick but I think if you’re going to have the Chameleon in a Spider-Man film, he should at least pose as Spider-Man at some point. With that in mind, I wanted to pick an actor with similar physical structure to Andrew Garfield but also someone that we know is capable of playing “the bad guy.” Dane Dehaan is my choice for the Chameleon. He made a pretty big splash this past February as Andrew in “Chronicle” and after watching that we know he’s completely capable of being both physical and an antagonist.
(Photo Credit: Ian Wilson/WENN.com)