The Resident Evil Films: A Look Back and at What’s to Come

What it’s about: Picking up where the first entry left off, the second film deals with the infamous “incident at Raccoon City” and a lot more happens than you think. The corporate conspiracy about Umbrella continues to open wider and wider and the biological threats start to multiply, as does Alice. With the threats on the street and within the company getting larger and larger, it only makes sense to throw in a nuclear bomb just to make things more interesting. The film does a good job of filling in any gaps the viewer might have if they haven’t seen the first film. Though the two are alike in spirit, ,this one is almost more of a die hard action movie than survival horror.
The best moments: The first 15 minutes are action movie gold. If you’re not ready for the beginning of the movie, it won’t be there to hold your hand. The film is rated R partially for ‘non-stop violence’ and the MPAA wasn’t playing around, the film almost never stops to catch its breath. Also, the first fight between Alice and Nemesis are killer. Pretty much any time that Alice is fighting a group of commandos by herself is awesome.
How does it hold up to the games: More cameos from game characters like Jill Valentine, Carlos Olivera, and of course Nemesis. Also, the Easter Egg of a helicopter crash in the Arklay Mountains is a nice touch for fans. This film is probably the closest to the games in terms of plot as it deals with the infection within Raccoon City and has many fan favorite bad guys.
What is its connection to the other films: While for the most part it’s rather similar to the games, it’s also the point where the films kind of stop being like them. When the movie comes to a close we start to see how much bigger the picture is going to be for the series as it ends with a shot of the earth with an Umbrella satellite watching it.