On the Road with Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance

Placido said her son’s lineage is a bit more complex than just being the “son of the devil” and that she’s far too busy worrying about her son than to be a potential love interest for Cage’s Johnny Blaze.

Placido should be able to prove she’s more than just a pretty face with a hot bod in her role, as she gets heavily involved in the action. “My character knows how to use guns and knives and she’s ready to kill, so you know, I just decided to have fun with these elements and try to deal with them in the most natural way possible, even if it seemed quite absurd. At the beginning, when I saw this huge gun, I said okay well. I’ll try. Yeah, and then you know, she’s got a mission, she’s very determined, so she, she’s confident, even with the guns that are really out of scale for her. But maybe you know, they turn out to be useful and effective.

“I think almost every single character in this movie has two sides to them,” Riordan told us when asked how his powers emerge. “Carrigan has Blackout, Nic has Blaze and Ghost Rider. There are moments where I pop up and I sort of turn into the devil’s son and not Danny. The only ones that sort of stay the same all of the time are Nadya and Rourke. When we actually do it, it’s all imagination. I think everybody who has two characters tries to get into a certain mindframe where it’s not them.”

“When I first saw the first Ghost Rider movie and then realized that I had this one I was like, ‘Oh, my God. This is going to be so awesome with the fire and stuff!'” Riordan said about the FX used to create his powers. “Then I realized that there wasn’t going to be a fire, and I was going to look like an idiot going, ‘Woo!’ I think I needed to see Johnny and Nic do it before I could. They helped me a lot with it. I feel more confident now and I try to just do it.”

“It’s like getting on a ride on a rollercoaster,” Placida said about working with Neveldine and Taylor. “It’s totally different and it’s very new experience for me. It’s a new challenge. It’s a different way of working. I had to get used to it a little bit at the beginning. I mean, there were times when I would ask Brian, maybe get a bit meticulous about something, and he would say, ‘Look, this is going to be really fast, you don’t even imagine.’ And then I got into this pace. I had to get used to it at the beginning and then I started realizing that it’s, it will develop a lot also on how the movie is edited and how cuts are very quick and it has to have this kind of rhythm that keeps going kind of tense and also adrenaline at times. It’s totally different.”