Underworld Awakening: The Set Visit

A gorgeous statuesque woman wakes up stark naked on the floor of a laboratory after being in a cryogenic sleep. She has no idea where she is, what has happened or how long she’s been asleep, but there is a large corporation that has done something wrong and it’s up to her to put things right in the world. Never fear, Screen Gems aren’t rebooting the “Resident Evil” movies just yet, but in fact, this is how they’ll be returning to Underworld next January when Underworld Awakening brings Kate Beckinsale back as Selene, a vampire who fights the enemy Lycans (i.e. werewolves) in the place known as Underworld.

After three movies including a prequel, it’s hard to think there would be anywhere to go for the “Underworld” franchise and its endless battle between vampires and Lycans, except maybe into the future. (And possibly space, but they’re probably saving that for the sixth or seventh movie.)

This past May, ShockTillYouDrop.com and a group of like-minded genre journalists were given an early look at how “Awakening” would differ from the previous three movies as they were driven out to Vancouver’s Simon Fraser University where the production had taken over the campus’ entire futuristic courtyard for a pivotal location in the movie. This wasn’t the first time they’d been to Vancouver to visit a “Underworld” sequel, as they were on the set of Underworld: Evolution as well, but back then, it was a bit more obvious why they might make a sequel due to the success of the first movie. Now, it’s been a number of years since the Beckinsale-less prequel came out, and most fans assumed the actress–who just happens to be married to “Underworld” mastermind Len Wiseman–was done putting on tight-fitting latex catsuits for the foreseeable future. One of the things they would quickly learn while visiting the set was why the filmmakers decided to revisit Underworld and why some of these new ideas convinced Beckinsale to return.

You can read the rest of the set report including a full interview with actress Kate Beckinsale over on ShockTillYouDrop.com.