Exclusive SHH Video with the Cast of RED

In the movie of the same name, "RED" is the CIA’s acronym for agents like Bruce Willis’ Frank Moses, meaning "Retired Extremely Dangerous," and in this case, Frank isn’t the only one in the CIA’s crosshairs. When CIA agents invade Frank’s home trying to kill him, he hooks up with Mary-Louise Parker’s Sarah, the company’s payroll person, as they embark on a cross-country trip to find Frank’s fellow "retired" agents and figure out why the CIA is trying to kill them. Leading the mission to take Frank and his colleagues out is Karl Urban’s William Cooper, a tough by-the-books agent who is essentially following the orders of his superior, played by Rebecca Pidgeon. Along the way, Frank and Sarah meet up with Frank’s former handler Joe (Morgan Freeman!), fellow agents Victoria (Helen Mirren!) and Ivan (Brian Cox!), and John Malkovich’s Marvin Boggs, a whacked-out agent who had been subjected by the CIA to drug experiments. Rounding out the cast is 93-year-old acting legend Ernest Borgnine who plays Henry, the CIA’s records keeper, and 63-year-old Richard Dreyfuss as a corrupt politician who may know something about why the CIA wants Frank and the others dead.

SuperHeroHype spent some time a couple of weeks back talking to a good percentage of the movie’s extremely diverse cast. In the video interviews below, we learned why Bruce, Karl and the others signed up to do the movie, some thoughts on most of the cast being over 40 as well as their thoughts on comic book movies in general.

RED opens nationwide on Friday, October 15. Look for our interview with director Robert Schwentke later this week and more with Karl Urban (and Bruce) here.