Exclusive: James Gunn on Super

Writer/director James Gunn swung by the Streamy Awards, where he gave up the goods on his upcoming film Super, a sort-of-but-straight-faced superhero parody starring Rainn Wilson as an everyday guy who takes it upon himself to fight crime.

SuperHeroHype: Talk about your upcoming superhero comedy project, because it sounds pretty cool!

James Gunn: The movie is called “Super.” It stars Rainn Wilson and Liv Tyler and Ellen Page and Kevin Bacon and Nathan Fillion and Michael Rooker and all the people that I’ve worked with before. It’s a low-budget independent, sort of a black comedy, sort of a weird drama about a guy who wants to be a superhero and really doesn’t have what it takes.

SHH: Is it a straight-up comedic take – because we’ve got “Kick-Ass” coming, which is kind of a bloody, beat-the-crap-out-of-everyone take?

Gunn: It’s very, very different from “Kick-Ass” because it’s really an independent film, because it’s about a group of people, it’s a black comedy but it’s also really about these people who are struggling to change their lives and trying to grasp on to something that’s beyond human. Any maybe or maybe not they can do that in the end.

SHH: So there’s a realism to it?

Gunn: A hundred percent, totally naturalistic. Everything is really natural. There’s a lot of violence and sex but it’s still very naturalistic.

SHH: And Rainn isn’t a delusional guy?

Gunn: Well, you know, delusional is very harsh but he’s a guy that wants to be something more than what he is, yes.

SHH: How super-heroic does he get? Are there moments where it actually is a superhero movie?

Gunn: In some ways, but not completely. I mean he punishes people for things that perhaps they shouldn’t be punished for.

Source: Scott Huver