Mark Millar Thinks Wanted 2 Will Proceed Sans Jolie

Last week, it was reported by New York Magazine’s Vulture that Angelina Jolie had dropped out of the planned sequel Wanted 2 and that without the star on board, Universal Pictures were unwilling to go ahead with the project and had pulled the plug. Those reports were unconfirmed by anyone at Universal at the time. (You can read the original story here.)

Last week, Scotland’s television channel STV had a chance to talk with Wanted co-creator Mark Millar and they asked him to elaborate on the reports about the movie being scrapped after Angelina Jolie dropped out, and as far as he knows, the sequel would still go ahead and they would just have to do some “plot modifications” to introduce a new character rather than the plans to have Jolie’s character Fox return. Millar talks about the reasoning for making a sequel and trying to figure out a way to bring some of the dead characters back from the original, but he’s optimistic they can figure out a cool way to work around the latest roadblock. As he says at the end, “it changes every day” and there’s a chance that Universal haven’t quite decided what to do as of yet or whether a sequel would work without Jolie.

You can watch STV’s video interview with Millar here. (Warning: Millar spoils the end of the first Wanted movie if you haven’t seen it or don’t know how it ends.)

Source: STV