Is Marvel Moving Forward with Ant-Man?

While Marvel Studios is moving full steam ahead with Kenneth Branagh’s Thor and Joe Johnston has been all over the place talking about his The First Avenger: Captain America this past weekend, there’s still one very elusive missing piece to the Avengers puzzle, and that would be… Ant-Man!

A movie about the diminutive Avenger, Dr. Hank Pym, who is in fact one of the charter members of the team, has been in the works for some time. In fact, Edgar Wright was on hand at that very same Marvel Studios Comic-Con panel back in 2006 when Jon Favreau and Louis Letterier were first talking about their upcoming projects Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk. (You can read our interview from those times here.)

When Disney bought Marvel, there were some rumors Pixar might take over the project, but those were swiftly denied by John Lasseter, so that puts Ant-Man back into Wright’s hands, having developed the project with Joe Cornish quite a bit before shifting his focus to Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Apparently, Stan “The Man” Lee, the co-creator of Ant-Man, met with Wright for lunch today, something that Lee proudly recapped on his Twitter feed with two intriguing tweets:

To make up for my previous grievous error, here’s a little item that may have escaped you. Marvel is prepping a movie starring– Ant Man!


I had lunch with the cool, young director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead) and, as you’d imagine, we had fun discussing the tiny hero

Now of course, it could just be a coincidence that they were having lunch and talking about Ant-Man, but Lee stating that Marvel is prepping the movie seems to indicate they’re finally moving forward now that Wright is putting the finishing touches on Scott Pilgrim.

Here’s hoping Stan Lee isn’t being the tease we’ve known him to be since he started writing Stan’s Soap Box.

Source: Twitter, Edward Douglas