Superhero Hype’s Best Prime Day 2022 Countdown Book Deals

Amazon Prime Day is coming, Tues-Wed July 12-13! Because Black Friday is a long way away, and because some folks still worry about lifted restrictions outside, the slew of online deals offer a perfect opportunity to grab that major item at a massive discount. And while doing that, maybe add some amazing books and comics to the stash. Here are the best Amazon Prime Day 2022 countdown book deals that we currently recommend. Please note all deals are subject to sell out or stop at any time.

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Jane Foster: The Saga of the Mighty Thor


Do you love her thunder? Read one of the major Marvel storylines that inspired the latest Thor movie, in which Jane Foster dons the mantle and hammer of the thunder god, but each time she transforms, the cancer inside her gets worse. Rather than Gorr, she must face the threat of Dark World foe Malekith, and assemble a team to defeat him.

Ms. Marvel Volume 1: No Normal (Ms Marvel, 1)


Discover the comic origin of Kamala Khan’s powers, in a story with many of the same players as the TV show, but very different specifics. Inhuman and able to stretch and reshape her body, the new Ms. Marvel made her mark as the first Muslim superhero with her own Marvel title. Read her first adventures here.

Thor: The Saga of Gorr the God Butcher


The other storyline powering Thor: Love and Thunder comes from this Jason Aaron arc featuring a deicidal villain. But his path here is longer and bloodier, with an army and a massive body count of gods. Can he succeed in his ultimate plan to detonate the Godbomb? It may take Thors from three different eras to stop him.

ClanDestine: Family Ties (ClanDestine: Family Ties, 1)



They’ve been changed considerably in translation to the MCU, but you can read up on the comic book anti-heroes who inspired Ms. Marvel’s latest foes. The long-lived family who’ve hidden in the shadows clash with the Inhumans and try to work with Excalibur. The Ms. Marvel show may have dispatched them prematurely, but there’s a lot more to tell.

She-Hulk Omnibus Vol. 1 Paperback – February 1, 2022


Before Jennifer Walters debuts in Marvel’s new upcoming legal comedy, read up on some of her wackiest superhero law cases. From taking on Titania with her brawn to trying a case with the Living Tribunal using her brains, she still maintains a head-turning beauty. But it’s okay to read it for the storylines and the art.

The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Season Two)


We caught up with Ahsoka and Bo-Katan. Learned “Baby Yoda” was really named Grogu. Saw Luke Skywalker with a weird digital face. And Boba Fett came back! Now look behind the scenes at all the design work which made it happen.

Anakin Skywalker: The Story of Darth Vader Figure and Book Set Star Wars Masterpiece Edition


Released shortly before the prequel trilogy, this hefty look at the life of Darth Vader includes what was then known about young Anakin, based on George Lucas’ notes and Steve Sansweet’s research. Also included is a rare 12-inch Hasbro figure of Anakin Skywalker as portrayed in Force ghost form by Sebastian Shaw, before the DVD sets digitally erased him.

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