Superhero Hype Cosplay: Domino

Note From the Editor: And we’re back. For our return column, Superhero Hype is welcoming another special guest cosplay correspondent: Florencia Sofen, a cosplayer who lives in Spain. She’s a very prolific costume maker, and a talented photographer as well. For her first SHH column, Florencia is sharing her take on Marvel’s Domino from X-Force and other X-Men-related titles. And as you can see, the influence for this costume came from the comics rather than Deadpool 2. 

I started reading New Mutants, and those teens grew up very fast. Domino was in the X-Force comics I read [after New Mutants], and she was teaching them that there were other “radical” ways to be heroes…and I loved it.

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It was a whole experience by itself, and I don’t regret anything 😉

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Twitter: @FlorenciaSofen