Wonder Woman 10 cover by Dan Panosian
(Image Source: DC / Dan Panosian)

Super Sons Stage a Jailbreak for Funniest Reason in Wonder Woman #10

It is not uncommon for superheroes to break the law for a noble reason. Sometimes the call to justice requires a hero to bend the rules for a greater good. The backup story in Wonder Woman #10 involves the Super Sons deciding to make such a stand. In this case, however, they stage a jailbreak for reasons as questionable as they are hilarious.

Written by Tom King, with art by Belén Ortega, Wonder Woman #10 finds Jon Kent and Damian Wayne babysitting Diana’s daughter, Elizabeth. Young Lizzie is trying to get her first kite up in the air at Wayne Manor. Unfortunately, she’s having little luck getting the toy airborne. This leads to a lot of tears, from the four-year-old girl and the teenage boys charged with keeping her entertained.

Super Sons try to fly a kite in Wonder Woman 10
(Image Source: DC / Belén Ortega)

Jon and Damian do little better than Lizzie. Despite their respective powers and skills, the kite stubbornly refuses to cooperate. Ever the son of Batman, Damian does come up with a plan.

Jon refuses to go along with it, however, at it involves working with “a bad guy.” Eventually, however, the young Superman gets fed up with Lizzie’s complaints that it is “impopossible” to fly a kite and agrees to Damian’s plan. This leads to a daring jailbreak from Arkham Asylum, to retrieve the one man who might help them.

Super Sons jailbreak Kite Man to help Wonder Woman’s daughter

Kite Man saves the day in Wonder Woman 10
(Image Source: DC / Belén Ortega)

In the end, Kite Man gladly agrees to help the heroes out. The comic concludes with the daughter of Wonder Woman and Kite Man enjoying themselves, as the Super Sons keep arguing. A happy ending for all evolved, provided Kite Man avoids dropping his famous “Hell Yeah!” catch phrase around any impressionable young ears.

Wonder Woman #10 is now available at comic shops everywhere.