Batman and Robin #11 Cover by Simone Di Meo
(Image Source: DC / Simone Di Meo)

Surprise Family Reunion Closes Batman and Robin #11

The battle for justice is a family affair for Bruce Wayne and his son, Damian. The current Batman and Robin series centers upon the two heroes learning how to be father and son, as well as effective crime-fighting partners. However, the latest issue featured another union of two estranged family members.

Written by Joshua Williamson, with art by Juan Ferreyra, Batman and Robin #11 finds the Dynamic Duo traveling to Dinosaur Island. Named for the prehistoric reptiles that somehow survived there, the island has become a refuge for the villain called Bane.

Bane on Dinosaur Island in Batman and Robin 11
(Image Source: DC / Juan Ferreyra)

There is an element of vengeance to this quest, as Bane was responsible for the murder of Alfred Pennyworth. It is all Bruce Wayne can do to reign in his passionate son and prevent him from using lethal force. However, the adventure soon comes to involve a different kind of vengeance.

Vengeance, daughter of Bane, faces Batman and Robin

The comic concludes with Batman and Robin being ambushed by a woman in a mask resembling Bane’s. She squeezes Bruce Wayne’s throat, commanding him to “leave my father alone!” The blurb for the next issue confirms this woman as the villain Vengance.

Vengeance Daughter of Bane revealed in Batman and Robin 11
(Image Source: DC / Juan Ferreyra)

First appearing in 2021, Vengeance is a notable new addition to the rogues’ gallery of Batman and Robin. She was a partial clone of Bane, created by the corrupt government of Santa Prisca after Bane escaped from prison. When Bane was reportedly killed by The Joker, Vengeance was dispatched to avenge the man she believed to be her father. However, when the Clown Prince of Crime revealed the true origins of Vengeance’s birth, she went rogue to forge her own path.

Vengeance was last seen in the 2022 Sword of Azrael mini-series. There, she was a mercenary employed by the Knights Templar to hunt the rogue angel Sariel. It would seem, however, that Vengeance once again believes Bane to be her father. Whatever the circumstances, it means big trouble for Batman and Robin.

Batman and Robin #11 is now available at comic shops everywhere.