Suicide Squad Dream Team 4 cover by Sweeney Boo
(Image Source: DC / Sweeney Boo)

Suicide Squad: Dream Team Finale Reveals A Surprising Resurrection

Death is a constant in Task Force X. Indeed, that is why the organization is more commonly referenced by its nickname, the Suicide Squad. One of the hallmarks of the series has been that any character can die at any time, in defiance of the usual comic tropes. This makes it all the more surprising that Suicide Squad: Dream Team #4 seemingly resurrects one long-passed team member.

Written by Nicole Maines, with art by Eddy Barrows, Suicide Squad: Dream Team #4 finds Dreamer on a mission. The precognitive hero was the first to see the scope of what Amanda Waller was planning. This pushes Nia Nal to plan her own suicide run, as she sees no way to stop Waller apart from killing her.

Dreamer returned to Gamorra, the island where Waller was constructing a massive prison for metahumans. She fought her way into Waller’s office, where her target was waiting for her. Amanda Waller is not precognitive, but she had predicted Dreamer’s actions perfectly. More, she was not alone in her office when Dreamer arrived.

Dreamer confronts Amanda Waller and Deadshot in Suicide Squad Dream Team 4
(Image Source: DC / Eddy Barows)

Floyd Lawton, an assassin called Deadshot and Suicide Squad mainstay, was also waiting for Dreamer. Rather than defending Waller, however, he was there to help her make a point about how heroism means doing “whatever you have to do to save the future.” This was odd, however, because Floyd Lawton has been dead for several years.

The Death of Deadshot Explained

Deadshot apparently died in 2020’s Suicide Squad (Vol. 6) #9. He was killed by Black Mask, shortly after exposing the crime boss’ impersonation of billionaire Ted Kord. Ironically, this came at the end of what was to be Lawton’s last mission, shortly after he promised his daughter he would never kill again.

Death of Deadshot in Suicide Squad 10
(Image SOurce: DC / Bruno Redondo )

It is not explained in Suicide Squad: Dream Team #4 just how Deadshot has been brought back from the dead. There are multiple means through which people can be resurrected in the DC Universe. This presumes, of course, that the Deadshot we see is the Earth-Prime Floyd Lawton and not a doppelganger from another Earth or a shapeshifter. Whoever this Deadshot is, it seems certain he will appear in the upcoming Absolute Power event.

Suicide Squad: Dream Team #4 is now available at comic shops everywhere.