Absolute Power Ground Zero 1 cover
(Image Source: DC / Dan Mora)

Dreamer Hunts a Former Friend in Absolute Power Ground Zero #1 Preview

Nia Nal, the precognitive hero called Dreamer. has made many tough choices within the past year. For the sake of her family, she joined the new Suicide Squad, hoping to find some way to stop Amanda Waller and her plans for world domination. Unfortunately, she has been powerless to short-circuit Waller’s push for Absolute Power.

Written by Nicole Maines and Mark Waid, with art by Skylar Patridge, Absolute Power: Ground Zero #1 kicks off the event with another tough choice. Amanda Waller is secretly turning the island nation of Gamorra into an Alcatraz for metahumans and aliens. Unfortunately for her, the journalist/vigilante Jay “Gossamer” Nakamura has gotten wind of her plans. This places Dreamer in a perilous position, forced to choose between the lives of her family and her ally.

The first four pages of Absolute Power: Ground Zero #1 may be viewed below.

(Image Source: DC / Skylar Patridge)

Dreamer and Gossamer Teamed Before Absolute Power

First appearing in Superman: Son of Kal-El #2, Jay Nakamura is one of DC’s most daring journalists. Possessing the power of phasing, there are few places he can’t go for a story. His nerve and daring impressed even Lois Lane and won the heart of Jon Kent.

The young Superman joined with Gossamer, helping him to overthrow the tyranny that ruled his home island of Gamorra. Dreamer was one of the other young heroes who joined them in the quest for liberty. Unfortunately, the island’s liberation was short-lived, with Amanda Waller staging a coup in the pages of Suicide Squad: Dream Team. This set the stage for the upcoming Absolute Power event.

It remains to be seen how a fight between Dreamer and Gossamer might play out. Gossamer is virtually untouchable, yet Dreamer’s powers can make the intangible solid. Either way, it seems certain that whatever friendship existed between them will be forever harmed by her choices.

Absolute Power: Ground Zero #1 arrives in comic shops everywhere on June 25, 2024.