The Wrong Earth: We Could Be Heroes #2 Preview Promises a Thrilling Finale

AHOY Comics has released a preview for the second and final issue of The Wrong Earth: We Could Be Heroes — which celebrates the fifth anniversary of Tom Peyer and Jamal Igle’s The Wrong Earth.

The Wrong Earth: We Could Be Heroes #2 hits comic shops next Wednesday. The issue is written by Peyer, illustrated by Igle alongside Juan Castro, and features a cover by Igle. “Masked crimefighters from three worlds wage a war to wrest control of campy Earth-Alpha from its cackling, mustache-twirling villains!” an official synopsis reads. We Could Be Heroes #2 also “resets the WRONG EARTH chessboard” for another new series. Furthermore, the issue features a new chapter of AHOY’s anniversary prose serial, “Partially Naked Came the Corpse.”

At this time, AHOY has shared five fully-lettered pages from The Wrong Earth: We Could Be Heroes #2. Check out the full preview below:

The Wrong Earth saga continues

Peyer and Igle’s The Wrong Earth launched at AHOY in 2018. The original series ran for six issues through 2019. The comic centers on Dragonflyman and the Dragonfly — two similar looking but drastically different superheroes who swap places in the multiverse. A follow-up series, The Wrong Earth: Night and Day, subsequently ran for six issues from early to mid 2021. Additionally, five The Wrong Earth one-shots released throughout 2022.

We Could Be Heroes launched last month as a celebratory two-issue limited series. In this new story, Dragonflyman, the Dragonfly, and their allies find themselves lost in the multiverse — leaving Dragonflyman’s native Earth-Alpha vulnerable. In turn, a new team of animal-themed heroes steps up to try and save the day.

The Wrong Earth: We Could Be Heroes #2 goes on sale Wednesday, December 6 from AHOY Comics.