Cyborg, Steel, Nubia and More Star on DC’s Black History Month 2024 Variant Covers

DC has enlisted artist Nikolas Draper-Ivey (Static: Shadows of Dakota) to craft a collection of special variant covers for Black History Month 2024.

Draper-Ivey has drawn a total of eight Black History Month variants, which will adorn DC’s various titles throughout the month of February. Things kick off on February 13 with Draper-Ivey’s covers for Action Comics #1060, Outsiders #4, and Speed Force #4 — which feature Natasha Irons/Steel, Batwing, and Wallace West/Kid Flash, respectively.

February 20 sees the release of Green Lantern: War Journal #6, Jay Garrick: The Flash #5, Titans #8 and Wonder Woman #6. The Black History Month variants for those issues respectively star John Stewart, Mr. Terrific, Cyborg, and Nubia. Draper-Ivey wraps things up on February 27 with his variant cover for Green Arrow #9, which stars none other than Connor Hawke. The covers will be available for pre-order starting this Friday, November 17.

Check out Nikolas Draper-Ivey’s Black History Month variant covers below:

DC celebrates Black History Month

Of course, DC’s Black History Month celebration goes beyond Draper-Ivey’s variant covers. Last month, the Burbank-based publisher announced that its DC Power title would return with an all-new one-shot in 2024. Due for release on January 30, DC Power #1 features an epilogue to N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell’s acclaimed Young Animal series Far Sector.

In addition to the Green Lantern-centric epilogue, the new one-shot also features stories starring The Signal, The Spectre (Crispus Allen), Bloodwynd, Superman (Val-Zod), Nubia, and the duo of Thunder and Lightning. In addition to Jemisin and Campbell, the book’s all-star roster of writers and artists includes John Ridley, Brandon Thomas, Lamar Giles, Shawn Martinbrough, Cheryl Lynn Eaton, Alitha Martinez, Edwin Galmon, Khary Randolph, Denys Cowan, Tony Akins, Asiah Fulmore, and more.