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Flash/Green Lantern Team-Up Sets the Tone for Dawn of DC

The Dawn of DC initiative set a new status quo for the DC Universe, with multiple generations of heroes now sharing one reality. This new tone is perfectly exemplified in a recent team-up featuring Green Lantern and the Flash.

Green Lantern #4 by Jeremy Adams and Xermanico unites Barry Allen and Hal Jordan against multiple crises. These include a series of bombs planted by Sinestro, and a combination tornado/meteor strike arranged by Major Disaster.

Despite having a full day, the “fast friends” find time to reflect upon the recent changes in their lives. Chief among these are Barry’s engagement to Iris West, and Hal’s falling out with Carol Ferris. This two Justice League founders also discuss the Titans replacing their team, and the first generation of sidekicks becoming parents.

Green Lantern and Flash talk about changes
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Dawn of DC restores and enhances the DCU

There is a great deal of metatextual irony in Barry and Hal discussing how their world is changing in the Dawn of DC era. For many years, DC was defined by legacy and the idea that time progressed in their world. The deaths of Barry Allen and Hal Jordan were huge stepping stones in that history.

However, this legacy was largely sidelined by the New 52 reboot of 2011. Hal and Barry were brought back, and the next generation that filled their shoes was reduced in stature, if not removed from reality outright.

The Dawn of DC initiative has corrected this course, restoring the DC Universe to what it was. Yet it also allowed some static characters to grow beyond who they were when first published. The stubborn Hal Jordan, for instance, considers the possibility that he should move on from his on-again/off-again romance, so the woman he loves can be happy.

The Flash and Green Lantern talk in Dawn of DC
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The conversations between Barry Allen and Hal Jordan in this issue showcase the tone of the Dawn of DC era. The past is honored, but the future is likewise embraced. This attitude is necessary to retain a loyal reader base, but also lure in new audiences eager to see why DC has defined the superhero genre for so long.

Green Lantern #4 is now available at comic shops everywhere.