Marvel’s Mary Jane, Jessica Drew Star on New Ski Chalet Variant Covers

Marvel Comics has unveiled the final two Ski Chalet Variant Covers that will adorn its various titles this December.

At this time, the House of Ideas has revealed J. Scott Campbell‘s Ski Chalet Variant Cover for Amazing Spider-Man #40 (on sale December 20), as well as David Nakayama’s Ski Chalet Variant Cover for Spider-Woman #2 (on sale December 27). Campbell’s winter-themed Amazing Spider-Man variant stars none other than Mary Jane Watson, while Nakayama’s Spider-Woman cover features Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman herself. Both Marvel characters seem ready to hit the slopes, though Jessica is also prepared in the event a snowball fight breaks out.

Check out J. Scott Campbell and David Nakayama’s Ski Chalet Variant Covers below:

A total of seven Ski Chalet Variant Covers will ship throughout the month of December. Marvel previously revealed Lucas Werneck‘s variant for Thunderbolts #1, Greg Land’s variant for Captain America #4, Pablo Villalobos’ variant for Doctor Strange #10, Humberto Ramos​​​​​​​’ variant for Spider-Boy #2, and Russell Dauterman‘s variant for X-Men #29.

What to expect from Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man #40 and Spider-Woman #2

Amazing Spider-Man #40 is written by Zeb Wells and illustrated by John Romita Jr. — the latter of whom also provides the issue’s main cover art. Spider-Woman #2 is written by Steve Foxe, illustrated by Carola Borelli, and features a main cover by Leinil Francis Yu. Both issues are part of the upcoming “Gang War” crossover event.

GANG WAR continues!” the synopsis for Amazing Spider-Man #40 reads. “Battle lines are drawn, with Spidey and his crew being the only ones who can save all of New York City from the worst super criminals to ever super criminal! But is Tombstone on THEIR SIDE?! And you won’t believe your eyes reading the last page of this issue!”

Meanwhile, the synopsis for Spider-Woman #2 reads as follows: “Spider-Woman goes to war! On the trail of the ruthless Diamondback and his mysterious backers, Jess commits a little corporate espionage, which may bury her in a dark corner of her past. Plus, the shadowy new villain Green Mamba prowls for a rematch Spider-Woman may not be ready for!”