Josemaria Casanovas' connecting cover art for Marvel's Thunderbolts #1-4

Marvel’s Thunderbolts Battle Kingpin, Red Skull and More in 4-Part Connecting Cover

Marvel Comics has revealed artist Josemaria Casanovas’ connecting cover art for issues #1-4 of its upcoming Thunderbolts relaunch.

Marvel’s new Thunderbolts series launches early this coming December from writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and artist Geraldo Borges. The series sees Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier and Contessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine assemble an all-new team of Thunderbolts. Casanovas’ four-part connecting variant cover shows Bucky, Contessa, and their new recruits battling some of the most infamous supervillains from across the Marvel Universe.

Check out Josemaria Casanovas’ connecting variant cover for Thunderbolts #1-4 below:

On the connecting variant, Winter Soldier and Red Guardian can be seen taking the fight to Red Skull. Bucky even channels his mentor, Captain America, by socking the Nazi supervillain on the jaw. Elsewhere, Black Widow and White Widow lay the smack down on Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, while Shang-Chi and U.S. Agent prepare to battle American Kaiju. Finally, Contessa and Sharon Carter/Destroyer can be seen facing off with Doctor Doom.

What to expect from Marvel’s Thunderbolts relaunch

“Alongside our old friend Geraldo Borges, we’re taking this opportunity to tell a very different kind of team book,” Kelly and Lanzing said of relaunching Thunderbolts. “This is a whole new era for the Thunderbolts and it starts with a four-part espionage epic, an ever-shifting cast and a single overarching goal: to tear down a century of Nazi evil with justice like lightning.”

An official synopsis for Thunderbolts #1 reads as follows: “Bucky Barnes, the Revolution, just inherited a mountain of covert intel, and he has one objective: justice. Like lightning. He’s going after the establishment, the people no one else is willing or able to take down, and he’ll do whatever it takes to win. Teaming with the mysterious Contessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine, Bucky assembles a team of black-ops heavy hitters to pursue high-profile targets like the Red Skull, Kingpin and even Doctor Doom himself. No one is safe from the Thunderbolts!”

Thunderbolts #1 goes on sale Wednesday, December 6 from Marvel Comics. The issue features a main cover by Terry Dodson.