The Sensational She-Hulk Smashes on New Homage Variant Cover

Marvel Comics has revealed artist Adi Granov’s variant cover for October’s Sensational She-Hulk #1.

Shared via the official She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Twitter/X account, Granov’s Sensational She-Hulk #1 cover serves as an homage to his own iconic cover art for 2004’s She-Hulk #1 (which marked the beginning of writer Dan Slott’s run on the title). It shows Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk stepping through a freshly-smashed brick wall.

Check out Adi Granov’s homage variant cover for Sensational She-Hulk #1 below:

What to expect from Marvel’s new Sensational She-Hulk series

Last month, Marvel announced that it would be relaunching Sensational She-Hulk with a new issue #1. The upcoming series is written by Rainbow Rowell and illustrated by Andrés Genolet. Additionally, the debut issue features a short story written by Jessica Gao, creator of Marvel Studios’ live-action Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

“Jen Walters is dusting off her adjective and kicking off a new era!” an official synopsis for Sensational She-Hulk #1 reads. “The best hero slash lawyer in the Marvel Universe is going to remind you why she’s so SENSATIONAL, going up against her deadliest challenge yet!”

Shulkie’s sensational legacy

Created by Stan Lee and John Buscema, Jen Walters/She-Hulk first appeared in 1979’s Savage She-Hulk #1. John Byrne redefined the character in 1989 with the launch of Sensational She-Hulk, which turned Jen into a self-aware, fourth wall-breaking hero (years before that became Deadpool’s schtick). Byrne’s iconic She-Hulk run partly inspired the aforementioned Attorney at Law, which premiered on Disney+ last year as part of Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series stars Orphan Black alum Tatiana Maslany as Jen Walters.

Sensational She-Hulk #1 goes on sale Wednesday, October 18 from Marvel Comics. The issue features a main cover by Jen Bartel.

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