Sensational She-Hulk

She-Hulk Gets a Sensational New Marvel Comics Series 

Jennifer Walters is getting a brand-new Sensational She-Hulk comic series in October 2023.

Marvel Comics announced writer Rainbow Rowell, who is coming fresh off of Jennifer’s 2022 She-Hulk series, is working with artist Andrés Genolet on a new Sensational She-Hulk run. 

Along with Jen, the series will star characters such as Patsy Walker/Hellcat, Jonathan Hart/Jack of Hearts, and more. The publisher also teased the return of Scoundrel, a charismatic but disreputable new character created by Rowell and Genolet who was recently introduced in March 2023’s She-Hulk #11.

Sensational She-Hulk’s New Series Is Inspired by John Byrne

She-Hulk was originally created by Stan Lee and John Buscema, her first appearance being in 1979’s The Savage She-Hulk #1. Although, many credit John Byrne as being one of the core creators who helped define Jennifer’s character. After making her a replacement of the Fantastic Four for The Thing, Byrne wrote and illustrated the first Sensational She-Hulk series in 1989, which portrayed Jennifer in a more comedic way than ever before and had her regularly break the fourth wall.

Rowell explained, “That word [sensational] makes me think of the original Sensational She-Hulk from artist/writer John Byrne. It’s a vibe, really: gorgeous art, gorgeous Jen, jokes, a feeling that anything can happen, and a focus on Jen as a person, a woman. We were definitely inspired by that run in our previous issues, and we’re leaning in even more with the new book. I want it to feel really smooth and buoyant, an ongoing celebration of Jen as a character.”

Jennifer Walters Has Found Herself in the Middle of a Love Triangle

The 2022 She-Hulk series introduced a love triangle for Jennifer as a number of hurdles have stood in the way of her relationship with Jonathan, including their inability to touch one another due to the excessive amounts of energy coursing through Jonathan’s body. Scoundrel, meanwhile, quickly began flirting with Jennifer after making his debut; however, he’s also an expert thief, meaning he works on the opposite side of the law as She-Hulk.

“[Scoundrel] came on the scene because we wanted to give Jen a romantic option who’s everything Jack isn’t: confident, quick on his feet, touchy,” Rowell said of the romance in Sensational She-Hulk. “Jack and Jen are still in a place where they can’t touch, but Scoundrel and Jen can spar for days without either of them getting hurt.”

Sensational She-Hulk #1 features cover art by Jen Bartel. The issue releases on Oct. 18 from Marvel Comics.