Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin Preview Sees DC’s Dynamic Duo Back in Action

A preview of DC Comics’ upcoming Batman and Robin series sees the Dynamic Duo jumping back into action to protect Gotham City.

Joshua Williamson (Knight Terrors, Superman) shared a new preview for Batman and Robin on his Substack. The series, written by Williamson, features art by Simone Di Meo.

View the Batman and Robin #1 preview below:

Batman and Robin introduces a new villain to Gotham City

Williamson also revealed Di Meo’s cover art for Batman and Robin #3, which shows Bruce/Batman and Damian Wayne/Robin leading a prison break. The cover also offers a brief new glimpse as Shush, a new female version of Hush who will be introduced in the second issue of the series.

“Father and son,” the solicitation for Batman and Robin #1 reads. “Bruce and Damian. Batman and Robin. From Batman vs. Robin to Knight Terrors, a lot has happened to the Dynamic Duo, but now they are back together and ready to fight crime in Gotham—just in time for Batman’s most monstrous rogues to team up to turn the city into an urban jungle! A new villain watches from the shadows, intent on revenge, with a plot to turn one of Batman’s greatest assets against him! Can Damian help his father solve the case before it’s too late? A brand-new fun and exciting father-and-son adventure begins, from DC Comics architect Joshua Williamson and superstar artist Simone Di Meo!”

DC announced the new ongoing Batman and Robin series at MegaCon 2023 in March. While dealing with the fallout from 2022’s Batman vs. Robin and 2023’s Knight Terrors, the series will also give Damian his own version of the Batmobile, appropriately dubbed the Robin Mobile, which was designed by Di Meo.

Batman and Robin #1 features cover and variant cover art by Di Meo and additional variants by Stanley “Artgerm” Lay, Karl Ngu, and Clay Mann. The issue releases on September 12, 2023, from DC Comics.