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Action Comics’ PKJ Explains the Big Difference Between Superman and Batman’s Superhero Families

Action ComicsPhillip Kennedy Johnson believes there is a key difference that separates Batman and Superman’s superhero families.

In an interview with Screen Rant, the Action Comics writer was asked what sets Superman’s superhero family apart from the Bat-Family

Johnson explained he thinks much of the Bat-Family has an “F you” kind of attitude and doesn’t always respect authority while the Super-Family strives to work together to be a team “in a way that others aren’t.”

“They’re really trying to carry Metropolis into the future, whereas the Bat-Family is trying to protect Gotham generally,” he continued. “They’re not trying to help… To my knowledge at least, they’re not trying to help Gotham evolve. The Super-Family is trying to help Metropolis evolve. Because of the things that have happened on the Warworld, because of where Steelworks is at, because of the emergence of Blue Earth, which is, of course, based in real life.

“We’re trying to help bring Metropolis into the future to actually be the shining city on the hill that it’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to be the city of tomorrow, and so they’re using Warworld technology, and Kryptonian architecture and technology, and just the House of El code of ethics to carry Metropolis forward, while Blue Earth is trying to go backwards. So they have a very clear mission. They’re all on the same team. They’re all serving the same function in a way that I feel like the Bat-family is more disparate in their methods and motives.”

Action Comics is one of several Superman books DC is currently publishing

Along with Action Comics, DC Comics has several Superman or Superman-related series that are currently being published. Writer Joshua Williamson and Jamal Campbell launched a new ongoing Superman series in February 2023 that is currently on hiatus because of the Knight Terrors event but will resume again on September 19, 2023, with Superman #6.

Additionally, Conner Kent is starring in a Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow limited series, the Man of Steel and Dark Knight are working together in Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, and John Henry Irons/Steel is trying to propel Metropolis into a better future in Steelworks. DC is also currently publishing Superman: Lost and Superman: The Last Days of Lex Luthor, both of which take place outside of the publisher’s regular continuity.

Action Comics #1057, the next issue in the series, publishes on September 26, 2023.