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Superman’s Newest Enemy Is Batman’s Lost Daughter

The newest villain to threaten Superman has been confirmed to have a familial connection to Batman. Action Comics #1059 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Eddy Barrows, and Eber Ferreira reveals the shocking twist.

The Dawn of DC Superman comics have profiled the rise of a new terrorist group called Blue Earth. Led by the charismatic Norah Stone, Blue Earth launched an organized public campaign against alien refugees coming to Earth. At the same time, Blue Earth somehow siphoned Superman’s powers and gave them to their own hand-picked team of violent vigilantes.

After interviewing Nora Stone, Clark Kent couldn’t help but think he knew the woman from somewhere. That feeling nagged at him through several altercations with Blue Earth’s forces until Lois Lane commented that Stone “kinda looks like Bruce.” In that instant, Superman recognized Nora Stone as Janan al Ghul of the Empire of Shadows.

The Empire of Shadows, explained

Janan al Ghul Norah Stone in Action Comics

First appearing in 2019’s Batman/Superman: The Authority Special #1, Janan al Ghul was a variant born of the Dark Multiverse. On a world designated “Earth al Ghul,” Ra’s al Ghul forged his League of Shadows into a world-conquering army, then an Empire. He also persuaded the Bruce Wayne of that world to become his heir, leading to his having three children with Talia al Ghul. Janan al Ghul was their only daughter.

It was Janan al Ghul who learned of the multiverse’s existence and schemed to expand the Empire of Shadows to other Earths. With the help of The Authority, Batman and Superman were able to prevent the Empire of Shadows from invading their reality. However, it is now apparent their efforts only slowed Janan al Ghul’s designs and forced her to adopt subtler methods than open conquest.

This revelation explains much of Blue Earth’s tactics in fighting Superman and their considerable resources. However, it is still unclear just how Janan al Ghul was able to breach the divide between Earths. It is also unclear just what her plans are for Otho-Ra, one of the two Kryptonian children from Warworld that Superman adopted.

Action Comics #1059 is now available at comic shops everywhere.