Spider-Woman Lands New Ongoing Solo Series at Marvel Comics

Jessica Drew, the Marvel Universe’s original Spider-Woman, is getting a brand-new ongoing solo series later this year.

Marvel Comics‘ new Spider-Woman series launches late this coming November from writer Steve Foxe and artist Carola Borelli. Spinning out of the upcoming “Gang War” crossover event, the relaunch sees Jessica Drew “strike out in a brand-new direction as she’s tasked by Spider-Man to take down some of her most bitter foes.” Spider-Woman #1 features a main cover by Leinil Francis Yu, as well as a pair of variant covers by Bengal and Felipe Massafera, respectively.

Per Marvel, an official description for Spider-Woman #1 reads as follows: “The Web of Destiny restored Spider-Woman’s life, but even Captain Marvel and Madame Web can tell something’s changed. After Viper engineers a deadly union between Hydra and Diamondback that’s about to tear the city apart, Spider-Man wants to recruit her for a new team to face an all-new foe — one who is powerful enough to destroy the city while burning Spider-Woman’s world to the ground.”

What to expect from Marvel’s Spider-Woman relaunch

The House of Ideas further teases that the new Spider-Woman series will feature a far more ruthless version of Jessica Drew. “[S]omething has made Jessica angrier than ever, and her ruthless crime fighting will shock her fellow heroes during and beyond the events of GANG WAR,” Marvel explains. “As she tries to solve the heartbreaking mystery that’s upended her entire world, Spider-Woman will come face-to-face with a terrifying new force of evil.” True Believers can catch a “special preview” of Jessica’s new journey in Amazing Spider-Man #31 — which goes on sale tomorrow, August 9.

“Jessica Drew has been my favorite Marvel heroine since I was a kid,” series writer Foxe said. “From the instantly classic costume to her complex backstory, there’s just so much to her. She’s a spy, a street-smart detective, a superheroic best friend, an Avenger, a Spider-Verse-hopper, a mother, and a survivor. Getting the chance to do it alongside Carola, as well as Eric Koda on our prologue, has been bioelectric heaven.”

Foxe continued, “The events of GANG WAR ended up being the perfect springboard for a story that embraces what Zeb [Wells] and co. are doing in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN while also telling a distinctly Spider-Woman saga — with lasting ramifications for some of her closest relationships — in her own book … Few characters have been through Hell like Jessica Drew has been through Hell, and I’m so excited to throw even more at her.”

Spider-Woman #1 goes on sale Wednesday, November 29.

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