Kid Venom

Kid Venom: Marvel Reveals New Symbiote Hero Made by Manga Artist

Marvel has revealed new symbiote hero named Kid Venom as part of its upcoming Death of the Venomverse comic event.

Who is Kid Venom?

Kid Venom, whose real name is Kintaro, was created by manga artist Taigami, who also created the manga series Unsung Hero. Kintaro comes from 10th century Japan and originally bonded with the symbiote Clinter in order to protect his village from other hostile symbiotes.

The character will appear in Marvel‘s Death of the Venomverse #2, which is written by Cullen Bunn, David Michelinie, and Taigami and illustrated by Justin Mason and Taigami. Taigami will also be writing and drawing backup stories about the character that will further flesh him out and expand upon his story.

You can see Björn Barends’ Death of the Venomverse #2 cover below:

Kid Venom

You can also check out the Kid Venom and Kintaro art below:

The Death of the Venomverse comic event will see Carnage travel across the multiverse on a killing spree as he attempts to become the new King in Black by murdering every other symbiote that wants the title, including Kid Venom.

Death of the Venomverse #1 will release on August 2 while #2 is set to release on August 16.