Exclusive Preview: Ahoy Comics’ The Gimmick #1

If you know anything about the world of professional wrestling, then you’re aware that the top wrestlers usually have something distinctive to set them apart from the rest of the superstars. It’s called their gimmick, and that’s why, for example, Roman Reigns is “the Tribal Chief” and MJF is the world’s biggest a***h***. However, Ahoy Comics’ new limited series, The Gimmick, takes things a step further. The lead character, Shane Bryant, has a secret beyond his wrestling persona. He’s superhuman, and it’s something that he’s tried to hide for years. Unfortunately, Shane’s secret is about to come out in The Gimmick #1.

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for the premiere issue, writer Joanne Starer and artist Elena Gogou show readers the exact moment that Shane’s life goes off the rails in front of a live crowd and millions at home watching the wrestling event on PPV. Fair warning, this is not for the faint of heart. And the last page probably isn’t safe for work.

The official description for the series offers a glimpse at where Shane’s life goes from this moment forward. And it doesn’t sound like things will be getting any easier for him.

“In the series, the now fugitive Shane Bryant flees to Tijuana, where he begins a career as a masked wrestler. But Shane’s life has too many loose ends to make a clean escape possible. His manipulative mother, his ex-girlfriend, his child, the friends he left behind, and the daughter of the man he killed all want a piece of him….”

The Gimmick #1 will hit comic book stores this Wednesday, March 8.

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