The Loveland Frogman Stars in AHOY’s Project: Cryptid #3 Preview

AHOY Comics has released an official preview from the upcoming third issue of its cryptozoological anthology series Project: Cryptid.

Project: Cryptid #3 hits comic shops next week from writers Bryce Ingman and Paul Constant and artist Peter Krause. The issue features a main cover by Krause, as well as a variant cover by Mattie Lubchansky. At this time, AHOY has unveiled five fully-lettered preview pages from Ingman and Krause’s story, which centers on the Loveland Frogman of Ohio folklore. Elsewhere in Project: Cryptid #3, Constant and Krause venture to the Pacific Northwest for a story starring the fabled Gumerboo.

Check out the preview for Project: Cryptid #3 below:

An official synopsis for the issue reads as follows: “What lurks in the dark recesses of the Pacific Northwest? Bryce Ingman (the Ringo-nominated My Bad) brings us the Loveland Frogman, who is ready and willing to help when he can. Paul Constant (Snelson, Planet of the Nerds) brings us the Gumerboo, who is willing to help in a very different kind of way. Both stories are beautifully illustrated by Peter Krause (also My Bad).”

Project: Cryptid’s other investigations

AHOY’s Project: Cryptid launched this past September. In issue #1, writer Paul Cornell and artist P.J. Holden tackled the Mongolian Death Worm. Meanwhile, Mark Russell and Jordi Perez told the tale of the legendary Yeti. Then, in October’s Project: Cryptid #2, Alisa Kwitney and Alain Mauricet offered their take on the Chupacabra, while Alex Segura and Steve Bryant took a look at the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker.

Following issue #3’s release this month, Project: Cryptid #4 is due to hit shelves in December. In that issue, Henry Barajas and Salomée Luce-Antoinette will venture to France to explore the legend of the Beast of Gévaudan. Meanwhile, Liana Kangas, Jazzlyn Stone, and Ted & Ro will tell a Mermaid tale.

Project: Cryptid #3 goes on sale Wednesday, November 15 from AHOY Comics.