Marvel’s Edge of the Spider-Verse Series Launches This Summer

The Spider-Verse is very much in vogue right now, so of course Marvel is about to revisit the 2014 crossover event that saw Peter Parker teaming up with a wide array of multiversal doppelgangers. Starting in August, Marvel will launch Edge of the Spider-Verse, a brand new five-issue anthology series. This in turn will set the stage for End of the Spider-Verse later in 2022.

Each issue of Edge of the Spider-Verse features three different stories. Some of these tales will catch readers up on previously established spider-variants like Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Gwen. However, others will bring new characters into the mix. One of the latest additions is Night-Spider, who hails from a universe where Felicia Hardy got spider powers instead of Peter. There’s also the Hunter-Spider, a Kraven variant who gained his own powers in a very “unusual” way. Additionally, the series’ creators will introduce Spider-Laird, whom Dan Slott claims is “the first kilt-wearing hero of the Spider-Verse.”

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Slott is the former writer of Amazing Spider-Man and the original Spider-Verse event. He’s returning to the franchise in Edge of the Spider-Verse with a team of collaborators that includes co-scribes Alex Segura and Karla Pacheco. Superstar artist Mark Bagley is also working on the series with a few other illustrators who have yet to be announced. Their combined work will eventually build toward End of the Spider-Verse, which (as its title implies) is the final chapter in Marvel’s Spider-Verse saga.

“If you ask me, it’s madness,” said Slott in a recent interview with Polygon. “Why would they do this? WHY? They could’ve milked this spider-cash-cow for decades. That said, if you are going to do it, going all-out in a blaze of glory is definitely the way to go!”

Edge of the Spider-Verse #1 hits comic shops on August 3. You can view covers and designs for the new series in the gallery below.

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