Legendary Comics Teams Up With Oscar Isaac on Head Wounds: Sparrow

Oscar Isaac is already a superstar in comics fandom thanks to his roles in Moon Knight, X-Men: Apocalypse, and next year’s Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. But he’s about to take his status as a geek icon to a whole new level. Legendary Comics has announced that Isaac is helping them launch Head Wounds: Sparrow, an upcoming “supernatural noir graphic novel” hitting stores later this year.

Isaac didn’t actually write or illustrate the graphic novel himself. According to Legendary’s announcement, he “developed” the project with Jason Spire. But here’s where things get even more confusing. Robert Johnson is listed as the book’s creator, and he also came up with the story with John Alvey. Meanwhile, the primary creative team consists of New York Times best-selling writer Brian Buccellato and Eisner-winning artist Christian Ward. So it’s not totally clear what Isaac’s role was in the development process. But in any case, it appears that the story’s main character, Leo Guidry, is based on his likeness. You can check out some of the book’s artwork in a new motion trailer (narrated by Isaac) below.

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Head Wounds: Sparrow centers on Leo, a crooked detective working in Louisiana. After he watches his best friend get shot, Leo wakes up with a bullet hole in his own head. But for some reason, he’s the only one who can see it, and that’s not all. Whatever happened to him has also enabled him to see angels and demons walking the Earth, both fighting over humanity’s fate. Faced with no other option, Leo is forced to choose a side in the war between Good and Evil. He must also “psychically suffer the wounds of those he’s sworn to protect until he brings their assailants to justice.”

“I think there is something about this particular medium that allows such incredible world building and allows you to really express and juxtapose ideas that you can’t in other mediums,” said Isaac in a new statement. “Marrying my love of comics with this specific form of storytelling, I am excited to bring Head Wounds: Sparrow to fans.”

Head Wounds: Sparrow will hit comic shops on August 9. Fans can also donate to the graphic novel’s Kickstarter campaign for the chance to receive signed collectibles.

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