Booster Gold in Batman The Brave and the Bold 14 cover by Simone Di Meo
(Image Source: DC / Simone Di Meo)

Booster Gold Dooms Civilization for a Ridiculous Reason

To the DC Universe at large, Booster Gold is the greatest hero they’ve never heard of. The time-traveling screwball frequently makes mistakes, but his heart is generally in the right place. However, his latest adventure in Batman: The Brave and the Bold #14 will doom an entire world for the silliest of reasons.

Written by Mark Russell, with art by Jon Mikel, “Time Jerks, Part 2” continues the latest misadventure of Booster Gold. The previous issue found him briefly stranded in the past of prehistoric Earth. This was the result of a close encounter with a meteor just as he was coming out of the time stream. Thankfully, Booster was able to repair his time machine with the aid of the Jurassic League, a team of sentient dinosaurs similar to the Justice League.

When Booster Gold returns to the 21st century, he discovers that Earth is now populated by sentient dinosaurs. It seems that the meteor he ran into was the one that was meant to kill off the dinosaurs. Without that edge, humanity would never rise up to become the dominant lifeform on Earth.

Booster Gold in big apartment in Batman The Brave and the Bold 14
(Image Source: DC / Jon Mikel)

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #14 finds Booster Gold trying to make a go of living in the dinosaur’s utopia after the current Jurassic League confiscates his time machine. Surprisingly, Booster is at peace with his actions. While he’s an outcast as the last human, he claims to have “pretty much always felt that way.” He also concludes that humanity “had a good run” when his robot pal Skeets points out there are no women of his species in this reality.

Booster Gold really loves cheeseburgers

Booster Gold and Skeets in Batamn The Brave and the Bold 14
(Image Source: DC / Jon Mikel)

Ultimately, the deciding factor in Booster Gold agreeing to restore the timeline is the dinosaur utopia’s lack of cheeseburgers. In building their perfect society, the dinosaurs developed a pacifist government and a religion based around the worship of “the great Herbivore.” Amusingly, it is a lack of non-vegan restaurants that ultimately pushes Booster Gold to try and save humanity. Even if he has to destroy a relatively perfect world to do it.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #14 is now available at comic shops everywhere.