What If…?’s Captain Carter Gets Her Own Comic Book Miniseries

Following her breakout appearance in What If…?, Peggy Carter’s superpowered alter-ego is crossing over to Marvel’s comic book universe. Starting next year, the alternate reality heroine will headline her own five-issue miniseries as Captain Carter.

The new series comes from writer Jamie McKelvie and artist Marika Cresta, and it casts Peggy in a familiar situation. After turning the tide of World War II back in the ‘40s, the long-missing super soldier wakes up from a 80-year slumber in the ice and finds herself struggling to adapt to modern-day society. However, she won’t have much time to take it easy, because an old enemy has also returned. And his (or her) appearance will force Peggy to decide what kind of hero she wants to be.

Technically, What If…? wasn’t the first time we saw Peggy as a super soldier. She previously took the serum in Marvel’s Puzzle Quest video game, where she assumed the mantle of Captain America. This iteration of Peggy later appeared in Marvel’s Exiles series, but Captain Carter appears to be taking more cues from What If…? than anything else.

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“I’m as big a fan of the Captain Carter we’ve seen onscreen as anybody, so I jumped at the chance to create our own version,” said McKelvie. “I’m having a great time exploring what it would be like for Peggy to wake up nearly 80 years after the end of the war. The world remembers the myth of Captain Carter, but to Peggy the reality was just yesterday. Now she finds herself in a nearly unrecognizable new world, how does she fit in? Can she be the super hero people want her to be? Exploring these questions has been really exciting, and I love the world Marika and I have come up with. I can’t wait for people to see Marika’s pages – there’s so much life and energy to Peggy and the rest of the cast, and the action scenes are stunning.

Captain Carter #1 hits comic shops on March 30. You can also view a variant cover featuring McKelvie’s designs for Peggy’s new costume below.

Are you excited to check out the new series next spring? Let us know in the comment section below!

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