Peter Krause’s Commentary on Ahoy’s New Superhero Comedy, My Bad

There’s a new superhero universe coming to comic stores this week. However, Ahoy’s My Bad isn’t a typical take on the genre. Instead, writers Mark Russell & Bryce Ingman, and artist Peter Krause are embracing a more comedic take on heroes.

Krause has also shared a few of character designs from the series, in addition to his artistic comedy. However, it’s important to give new readers a taste of what’s to come. That’s why we’re featuring a few pages from My Bad #1 by Russell and Krause. The first story introduces The Chandelier, a very familiar-looking vigilante. He’s not only a billionaire, he’s also a world-class jerk and a coward at heart.

Additionally, we have pages from another short story in the issue by Ingman, and Krause. Within these pages, would-be supervillain Emperor King has a very wonderful dream. Regardless of his rude awakening, Emperor King may also have his nemesis in a trap. Unfortunately, EK’s trap may have also worked too well in this case.

Now that you know what to expect, here’s Krause’s commentary:

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Ahoy Comics also shared the solicitation text for My Bad #1:

“A sharp super-hero spoof from a stellar team that includes co-creators of Irredeemable and Second Coming! In Gravel City, the super-villain Emperor King has devised not only a sadistic death trap for his arch-enemy, The Accelerator, but also the means to penetrate the top secrets of his other arch-enemy, The Chandelier! Important new comic book universe begins here, we say sarcastically!”

My Bad #1 will hit comic book stores this Wednesday, November 3. You can also check out the covers by Krause and Jerry Ordway below.

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