DC’s December Slate Includes Batgirls, World of Krypton, and More

Just in time for the holidays, DC is giving the gift of comics this year with five new titles scheduled to hit stores in December. The upcoming series feature a variety of different characters, ranging from members of the Bat Family to underrated DC fixtures like Red Tornado. Check out details below.

Kicking off DC’s winter slate is Batgirls, a new ongoing series from co-writers Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad. With a little help from artist Jorge Corona, the story finds Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown teaming up against Gotham’s criminal element under the tutelage of the OG Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Oracle. Cass and Steph will take on villains like Seer in an adventure described as “pizza slumber party of a series, packed with energy, attitude, and friendship.”

DC is also gearing up for its Shadows of the Bat saga, a 12-week event that picks up where DC’s Fear State crossover leaves off. Starting with November’s Detective Comics 2021 Annual, readers will look on as Mayor Nakano signs off on the construction of Arkham Tower to house Gotham’s criminal population. Unfortunately, its development causes a rift between Batman and Nightwing, who disagree over its place in the city. The event properly kicks off in Detective Comics #1047 on January 4. But before this happens, DC will also launch a new era of Batman in December with Joshua Williamson taking over as the new writer.

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Additionally, DC’s World of Krypton series winds the clock back to the last days of Superman’s homeworld. Over the course of six issues, readers will get to know several of Krypton’s power players, including Jor-El. Writer Robert Venditti and artist Michael Avon Oeming will follow Superman’s dad as he begins to suspect that his planet is doomed. It will also explore Jor-El’s attempt to ensure the survival of his species.

Late December will see the release of Swamp Thing: Green Hell from Jeff Lemire and Doug Mahnke. This three-part Black Label series imagines a world where humanity is on its last legs. When the Parliaments of the Green, the Red, and the Rot decide to wipe the Earth clean, they summon a mysterious “avatar” to move this process along. And it sounds like the world’s last hope is none other than Alec Holland, who’s supposedly been dead for decades.

Finally, DC has shared new details for the six-issue One-Star Squadron miniseries by Mark Russell and Steve Lieber.“Heroism meets capitalism,” AS Red Tornado tries to form his own super-team. The new group includes Power Girl, Gangbuster, and Minute Man. (You know, A-listers!). Whatever’s in store, the series also promises to deliver “Superman-Level Service at Bizarro Prices!”

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The first issues of One-Star Squadron and World of Krypton arrive on December 7. DC will release Batgirls #1 on December 14, with Swamp Thing: Green Hell following on December 28. You can view covers for the issues below.

Which of these new series are you most excited to check out? Let us know in the comments down below!

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