Joshua Williamson and Jorge Molina Will Take Over Batman in December

DC has finally announced the new creative team for its flagship Batman series. After James Tynion IV completes his final story this fall, writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jorge Molina will step in to preside over the Dark Knight’s new adventures.

Tynion announced his departure from the series earlier this month after inking a deal to create new comics for Substack. His final Batman issue (#117) hits stores in November. The following month, Williamson and Molina will launch their own run with a storyline titled “Abyss” beginning in issue #118. Plot details are scarce. But apparently, the arc’s name refers to a brand new villain they’re introducing. We can also look forward to the return of Batman’s classic oval emblem. You can check out the cover for the pair’s first issue below.

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Williamson is probably best-known for his four-year run on The Flash, which came to an end last year. More recently, he’s tackled Future State: Gotham as well as Robin and Infinite Frontier. In addition to Batman, Williamson is also gearing up for the launch of DC’s Deathstroke Inc. series. Meanwhile, Molina has drawn several issues of Birds of Prey.

Batman #118 hits comic shops sometime in December. You can also view the cover for issue #119 below.

Are you excited to see what Williamson and Molina are cooking up for Batman? Let us know in the comment section below!

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