DC’s Superman ’78 Preview Teases Brainiac’s Arrival

The Last Son of Krypton is heading back to the ’70s for his next big miniseries. DC has shared an early look at Superman ’78, a six-issue adventure from writer Rob Venditti and artist Wilfredo Torres that picks up where Christopher Reeve and Richard Donner left off.

The Reeve-led Superman movies were limited by the visual effects technology of their time, so none of the Man of Steel’s superpowered foes made it to theaters back then. And no, Nuclear Man doesn’t count. Regardless, Superman ‘78 will imagine how one of his greatest enemies could have looked on the big screen. In the first issue, readers will meet the creators’ Donner-ized take on Brainiac. According to the official breakdown, Superman will come aboard the villain’s spaceship and discover “a shocking piece of his past that changes his entire future.” Additionally, Lois Lane receives a message from a “mysterious source” who claims to have a way to save Superman’s life.

Superman ‘78 features several other recognizable supporting characters, all modeled after the actors who played them in the films. The series is arriving at a bittersweet time, given Donner’s recent passing. But thankfully, it sounds like Venditti and Torres plan to do his vision justice.

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“There’s no fictional character that I love more than Superman,” said Torres, “and of all the many interpretations of the big guy in Comics, Animation, TV and Film, the Christopher Reeve/Richard Donner version is the one I love the most. Working on this project is very literally a childhood dream come true.”

“My earliest memory interacting with the DC universe is seeing Christopher Reeve fly across the screen,” added Venditti. “While others might say that the John Byrne era is their Superman, or the Dan Jurgens era is their Superman, Reeve is mine. Superman is and has always been my favorite superhero, but Superman ’78 is a project I never dreamed of working on because it didn’t seem possible it could ever exist. This is the gig of a lifetime.”

Superman ‘78 #1 will hit comic shops on Tuesday August 24. The digital release will occur on the same day.

Are you excited to read the first issue next month? Let us know in the comment section!

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