Exclusive Preview: Black Widow #8

It’s a brand new day for the Black Widow. After being captured and brainwashed into living a normal life, Natasha Romanoff is her own woman again. But now she’s mourning the family she never really had. Natasha has also been joined by her old frenemy, Yelena Belova, the White Widow. Together, they’re building a new Web in San Francisco. However, they’ve already encountered their first threat.

A new villain, Apogee, is giving people superhuman abilities. One of his victims/subjects is a young girl named Lucy. Natasha has taken Lucy in to protect her, but Yelena has a different agenda. She also sees Lucy’s potential to become another Widow, which is something that Natasha adamantly opposes. Regardless, the Widows hit a roadblock in their investigation when one of Apogee’s subjects was incinerated in front of them. Additionally, Lucy knows that this death could foreshadow her future.

In Superhero Hype’s exclusive preview for Black Widow #8, Kelly Thompson and artists Elena Casagrande & Rafael de Latorre catch up with Natasha and Yelena as they meet with their contact inside Apogee’s organization: Anya Corazon. Anya is the current Spider-Woman, and the Widows’ ace-in-the-hole. But she may not be enough to turn the tables on Apogee.

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Here’s the official description from Marvel.

“The Black Widow races to learn the secrets behind Apogee and the powers of the Olio. Meanwhile, the White Widow is recruiting—but is the newly-powered Lucy ready? The Widows’ spy-der on the inside, Anya Corazon, hunts for answers, but she’s running out of time—and headlong into danger. Don’t miss the beginning of a new era for the Black Widow—and her web of spy-ders!

You can read the full preview in our gallery below. Black Widow #8 will hit comic book stores on Wednesday, June 30.

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