Absolute Power Task Force VII cover by Pete Woods
(Image Source: DC / Pete Woods)

Amanda Waller Sets Superman Villain on Shazam Family in Absolute Power: Task Force VII #1 Preview

The first chapter of Absolute Power unveiled the ultimate weapon of Amanda Waller; six Amazo robots, reprogrammed by the AI Failsafe. Known as Task Force VII, these robots went beyond copying the powers of any superhero they encounter. They remove the powers completely. However, as the preview for Absolute Power: Task Force VII #1 reveals, that is not enough for the woman known as “The Wall.”

Written by Leah Williams, with art by Caitlin Yarsky, the book finds Amanda Waller focused on incarcerating the heroes that Task Force VII depowered. It is not enough to leave the heroes of Earth without their abilities. She also wants them behind bars.

Her chief concern is the Shazam Family, i.e. The Captain and Mary Marvel. Beyond not wanting any heroes free, Waller also seeks to capture the Rock of Eternity that empowers them. To that end, Waller recruits a Superman villain uniquely suited to tracking metahuman targets, as the two magical heroes go into hiding.

The cover and first four pages of Absolute Power: Task Force VII #1 may be viewed below.

(Image Source: DC / Caitlin Yarsky)

Absolute Power returns Parasite to villainy

Amanda Waller’s decision to recruit the Parasite is not surprising. Beyond having the ability to match any hero he touches, Parasite can also sense nearby sources of superpowers. He is also a former member of the Suicide Squad. His appearance in Absolute Power is notable, however, given his recent reformation.

Parasite in Superman Annual 2023 1
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In the current monthly Superman comic, the Parasite turned over a new leaf. Employed by SuperCorp as a work release prisoner, Rudy Jones was given an experimental wristband. This bracer fed him a steady stream of energy, eliminating the hunger that drove him to seek out metahumans. With his hunger pains gone, Parasite was a productive worker. Without it, he’s a weak-willed addict and a willing recruit to Amanda Waller’s designs for Absolute Power.

Absolute Power: Task Force VII #1 arrives in comic shops everywhere on July 10, 2024.