DC’s Superman: Son of Kal-El Series Makes Jonathan Kent the New Man of Steel

Jonathan Kent is about to replace his famous father as the star of DC’s primary Superman comic. According to The Hollywood Reporter, DC will pump the breaks on its flagship Superman series in order to make room for a new ongoing title that hands top billing over to Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s superhuman son.

Superman: Son of Kal-El will begin a fresh chapter in Jon Kent’s story. With Clark busy liberating the people of Warworld, Jon steps up to the plate as Earth’s new protector. The young half-Kryptonian, who was previously introduced as the latest incarnation of Superboy, has fought alongside Damian Wayne’s Robin and the Legion of Super-Heroes. However, Jon has also taken on the mantle of Superman in DCeased and the recent Future State event.

Son of Kal-El has writer Tom Taylor and artist John Timms as the creative team. According to the first issue’s synopsis, the Legion’s members “were intent on training Jon for the day his father could no longer be Superman.” Jon has never been sure when this would actually happen. Regardless, “all signs point to it being very soon.”

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DC’s summer slate also features a handful of other new Superman-adjacent titles. That includes Tom King and Bilquis Evely’s Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow miniseries, which kicks off in June with the second issue arriving on July 20. Meanwhile, Clark’s Warworld adventures will continue in the pages of Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Daniel Sampere’s Action Comics run. Additionally, Clark will find some unlikely allies in Grant Morrison and Mikel Janín’s Superman and The Authority, which also launches on July 20.

Superman: Son of Kal-El #1 hits comic shops on July 13.

You can view several covers for DC’s upcoming Superman stories in the gallery below. Are you excited to follow along with Jon’s exploits this summer? Let us know in the comment section!

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