Yara Flor Will Headline Her Own Wonder Girl Series Starting in May

Last month, DC hit pause on all present-day storylines and instead sent readers to a strange new future, where several of the world’s greatest heroes have either passed on or stepped aside and allowed a younger generation of do-gooders to take over. For example, Yara Flor succeeds Diana Prince as the new Wonder Woman. Yara’s solo miniseries has also been praised as one of the highlights of DC’s Future State line. And DC has long-term plans for her in a new Wonder Girl ongoing series.

Fittingly, the new series comes from Yara’s creator, writer/artist Joelle Jones, who’s currently handling Future State: Wonder Woman. In that series, Jones introduced Yara as the daughter of an Amazon Warrior and a Brazilian River God. Additionally, her introduction marks the first time that a female writer or artist has been solely responsible for the creation of a new Wonder Woman (or Wonder Girl, for that matter).

The new comic explores Yara’s upbringing in Boise, Idaho. Curious about her heritage, she heads to Brazil on a journey of self-discovery. But when she gets there, she finds a little bit more than she bargained for. Jones’ series doesn’t officially kick off until this summer. However, any fans who can’t wait that long can check out a preview story in DC’s upcoming one-shot, Infinite Frontier #0. That issue hits comic book stores on March 2.

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The character of Yara Flor actually began picking up steam well before her first Future State issue was even released. Back in November, The CW began development of a new Wonder Girl TV show featuring Yara as the Lead. Dailyn Rodriguez (Queen of the South) is spearheading the series as head writer and executive producer.

Wonder Girl #1 hits comic shops on May 18.

You can check out Jones’ cover for the first issue (along with interior art for Infinite Frontier #0) below, then share your thoughts in the comment section!

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