Damian Wayne Goes Solo In DC’s New Robin Series

In the years since his first appearance, Damian Wayne has largely played a supporting role to other DC heroes, whether it’s his father, Batman, or his Teen Titans teammates. But that changes later this year when DC gives Robin a brand new series. A new chapter in Damian’s life will unfold when Robin #1 goes on sale this spring.

The series’ first issue picks up after Damian has broken away from his famous dad and left his fellow Titans behind. With this, he sets out to make his own name as a crimefighter. Along the way, readers will meet a new cast of supporting characters and (of course) witness Damian kicking ass around the world.

Joshua Williamson (DC’s Future State: Justice League) is on script duty for Robin. He’s working with artist Gleb Melnikov, and according to Williamson, he couldn’t have asked for a better collaborator.

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“Being a big fan of Damian Wayne, I’m really excited about getting him back on a hero’s journey.” said Williamson in a statement. “Gleb is the perfect artist to tell this story as we show readers Damian’s growth, in a new adventure that navigates his legacy, his connections to Batman, Talia Al Ghul and kicks off an important story in the DC Universe.”

Before the series first issue hits stores, fans can also check out a two-part “prequel” story in DC’s primary Bat-books. Part one will appear in the pages of Batman #106, and the story will conclude in Detective Comics #1034. Apparently, the prequel finds Damian coming face-to-face with his mother, Talia al Ghul.

Robin #1  will hit comic shops on April 27. You can check out the issue’s primary cover, as well as two variants, below.

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