DC’s Batman/Catwoman Series Reveals Helena Wayne’s New Costume

Years ago, DC introduced Helena Wayne, the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle who later adopted her own heroic persona as Huntress. The character was written out of the DC Universe following the Crisis on Infinite Earths event. But now, Batman and Catwoman’s daughter is about to make a comeback in the pages of Tom King and Clay Mann’s Batman/Catwoman series. DC has just revealed the first look at this latest version of Helena, who will be sporting a brand new costume in Batman/Catwoman #4.

Batman/Catwoman debuted earlier this month and covers three distinct time periods in Bruce and Selina’s lives. Helena will appear in the future timeline wearing a suit that draws influence from her parents’ costumed identities. King revealed the fourth issue’s cover on Twitter earlier today. Additionally, Mann shared his own video on Twitter that shows the cover’s design process. Appropriately enough, the video also features My Chemical Romance’s “Helena” playing in the background. You can check out both of their posts below.

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Helena made her first appearance on Earth-Two in DC’s Super Stars #17 in 1977. She was motivated to join the costumed crowd after her mother was blackmailed into resuming her life of crime and subsequently killed. A few years after Crisis erased Helena from existence, writer Joey Cavalieri and artist Joe Staton created a new Huntress in the form of Helena Bertinelli. However, the original Helena began reappearing in a few DC storylines during the early 2000s.

DC still hasn’t announced a release date for Batman/Catwoman #4.

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